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Everwide Newsletter No.169

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Experiment § Special chemicals for composite materials

Everwide Chemical has developed three new products of label activator, mold cleaning agent, and airbag release agent for the composite material industry. Everyone often sees the bright patterns and logos on composite materials, but they are stickers (Figure 1). These stickers often lose their adhesiveness after being left for a long time, causing the entire batch of stickers to be scrapped. The label activator developed by us can revive the adhesive of the water label sticker: add an appropriate amount of activator to the sink for soaking the label to make the adhesive. Restore the viscosity of the pressure-sensitive adhesive. The mold cleaning agent is used to clean the mold after the composite material is formed. After the composite material is formed, there will be cured resin remaining on the mold, and they need to be scraped off laboriously before the mold is into production again. If the mold cleaning agent is evenly wiped on the mold and then baked at 150°C, the remaining resin can be cleaned up effortlessly (Figure 2). The airbag release agent is used in the production of composite pipe fittings. The elbow in Figure 3 is a workpiece made by embedding a nylon airbag in a composite prepreg cloth and placing it in a mold for heating. During the heating process, high-pressure air is blown into the nylon airbag simultaneously, and the airbag will expand to push the prepreg and harden the prepreg close to the mold, so hollow and complex shaped molded products can be obtained. To reduce weight, the airbag must be able to be pulled out of the composite. If the nylon airbag is soaked in the release agent before the composite material is produced, a good result can be achieved. These are all essential things for producing composite materials, but they are invisible and invisible to users. This is called Everwide inside!

─Author: Mr. Zhi-Xian, Chen


Activity § This year's exhibition information

We actively participate in many different exhibitions: In addition to participating in the Taipei International Bicycle Exhibition with Hengyan Enterprise in March and the Automotive Electronics Exhibition in April, we also have the following three exhibitions, namely: June 17th-19th International Optoelectronics Exhibition, August 27th-29th Touch Panel, and Optical Film Process, Equipment, Materials Exhibition, and October 6th-9th Taipei International Electronics Industry Technology Exhibition. Each exhibition is a learning journey, from planning, exhibits, materials, Q&A, etc.; it is a university question. Since it is positioned as learning, the happiest thing is to learn from each other and discuss issues with friends who are visiting the exhibition. Don't forget to visit the three exhibitions in the second half of the year as a good classmate.


Knowledge § Compared with Other Construction Methods, What are The Advantages of Adhesive Bonding?

There are many ways to connect two materials anchoring, welding, using adhesive, etc. Different methods have different advantages and disadvantages; the benefits of using adhesives are as follows:

  1. It can combine different materials, such as plastics, metals, and composite materials; only adhesives are suitable.

  2. It can be combined in a large area, but other construction methods are not accessible.

  3. Compared with welding, the adhesive can be combined at low temperatures, and the amount of deformation during bonding is small.

  4. Compared with anchors and welding, there is much less stress concentration where the adhesive is bonded.

  5. There will be many gaps when combined with anchor nails, and there will be doubts about rusting in the future, and the adhesive can fill the gaps in the connection position.

  6. Adhesives can be combined with complex shapes and small structures.


Living § How to Live Twice a Day?

I often feel that time flies quickly and lament the passing of life. I bought a book on "Time Management" a while ago to see if I could find a way to make time pass a little bit slower. The book says, "Time isn't manageable; what can be managed is your behavior," it wakes up the dreamer! It turns out that what I am dissatisfied with is that my life is not complete enough. At that time, we invited colleagues to climb the mountain on Sunday morning; the schedule is as follows: take the train from Douliu at 04:30, arrive at Changhua Ershui at 04:49, and walk 1.4 kilometers to the Songbailing hiking trail. The trail is 1.8 kilometers long, and the climbing height is about 300 meters; the top of the mountain is the Nantou Shoutian Temple. After a short break, I returned along the same road and arrived at Douliu Station by train at about 07:30. After taking this trip several times, our speed is getting better and better; we walked up the mountain quickly and jogged down the mountain; we broke the record, the fastest we had ever caught 06:11 train and returned to Douliu at 06:25. Eating a perfect breakfast, driving the car on the empty road, and returning to the factory, at precisely 7 o'clock, everyone hadn't gotten up yet. I took a bath and went back to sleep quickly, and got up again at about 9 o'clock; my second Sunday was just about to start; reading, writing, tidying up the garden, taking a SPA; there are so many things to do!

This weekend "Live Twice a Day" trip comes about once a month: sometimes in groups, sometimes by chance, occasionally alone. My sense of time has not changed; I always feel that it runs fast. However, my satisfaction with myself has improved: I am proud of my physical strength getting better, my mood is more cheerful, I feel more fulfilled, and I can do more things. The book "Time Management" is correct. As long as we focus on managing our behavior, we can have a rich and satisfying life.


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