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Everwide Newsletter No.185

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Experiment § Application of wireless tire pressure sensing module

Tire blowouts are always one of the causes of traffic accidents, mostly caused by leaking, old tires, or insufficient tire pressure. Many countries have listed tire pressure monitoring systems as the basic equipment of vehicles. After installing the tire pressure detector, the detectors on the four wheels will transmit the tire pressure value to the dashboard of the driver's seat, and when the tire pressure deviates from the normal value range, it will light up a red light to warn (Figure 1 shows the location of the detector device). The tire pressure detector is composed of a plastic shell, sensing components, and epoxy resin for packaging and the resin used for packaging is responsible for protecting the sensor and maintaining its functions. After the detector is filled with resin and cured at room temperature, it has to undergo a thermal shock test at -40~125℃. There are some resins that have poor adhesion to the plastic shell and will peel off the entire surface (Figure 2). Considering the compatibility of the resin and the plastic case, improving the adhesion to the plastic case can reduce the range of peeling (Figure 3). Some resins with better adhesion have higher hardness and are easy to crack at the sharp corners of the plastic shell (Figure 4). Many conflicting factors need to be considered with each other, which is the most difficult part of this type of development. In this case, we want to thank our customers for analyzing different failure causes with us, and finally, we can pass the strict environmental testing requirements, and the product will be successfully launched to ensure everyone's safety.

─Author: Miss. Jia-Ying, Qiu


Activity § Improve the accuracy of floor scales

Our floor scales have been used for more than 10 years because the old-style platform scale display cannot weigh odd-numbered units of a hundred grams, it has always been weighed in a carry number way, which is not inconvenient. Due to the implementation of TS16949, the allowable weighing error range has become smaller, and the weighing must be more accurate than ever. We asked the manufacturer of the weighbridge to enter the factory for evaluation and testing because it is very difficult for the old monitor to achieve more accurate measurements, so we started the replacement of the weighbridge. Our goal is to achieve a minimum accuracy of 0.1kg but when measuring the weight of small items, it was discovered that the weight was not sensed! It turned out to be the result of the automatic reset of the display, too lightweight will directly reset to zero! After adjustments and repeated tests, the new monitor is immediately activated. The weight that originally needed to be carried can now be weighed out smoothly to meet the requirements of a more precise scale and make the quality more stable.


Knowledge § Will different curing conditions get the same curing properties (1)?

The curing properties are usually evaluated by measuring Tg with a Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC). The same reaction rate has the same Tg. Take a product as an example, the Tg of heating at 120°C for 5 hours will reach about 55°C. If the baking time is extended or the baking temperature is increased, the Tg does not change significantly, so it can be proved that heating at 120°C for 5 hours can completely cure. If you change the baking conditions to heat at a temperature higher than 120°C, for example, 130°C/4 hours or 150°C/2 hours, as long as the cured Tg can reach 55°C. The same principle is to bake at low temperatures and then cure at high temperatures. Regardless of the arrangement and combination, as long as the Tg after curing is the same, the reaction rate will be the same, and the chemical properties will be the same.


Living § Who says that people are rational?

Do you think you are rational? The answer to most people is "Yes! I'm very rational!" In fact, in real life, we have many examples of irrationality. For example, at the end of the month, I found out that I had accidentally spent my salary, or at the anniversary of a department store, I bought the "best discount" items, but they may not be the items I need most. The upsurge of shopping malls for shopping malls has made people spend dozens of yuan more just for full reduction activities. Our lives are full of factors that make people irrational to think. In order to avoid this situation from happening again and again, my colleagues selected the book "Predictably Irrational" for this year's reading experience in the Manufacturing Department, so that everyone can read and discuss so that they can think and inspire more differently. A colleague shared an example of a child crying to buy a toy in a supermarket. He calmly asked his son: "Do you think buying this toy is "wanted" or "necessary"? After hearing the question, the son stopped crying and no longer clamored to buy toys. There are also colleagues who shared the experience of redeeming meal coupons in restaurants and wasting time in a long line and this uneconomical story resonated with everyone. The author provides many experimental examples in the book to prove people's irrational behavior and remind us of the need to think carefully. In the group report, a colleague said: "Receiving irrationality is considered rational." Everyone agreed, and they all thought about how to make themselves more rational. I think this is also the reason why the lecturer chose this book to encourage everyone!

─Author: Mr. Yan-Hao, Zhang


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