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Everwide Newsletter No.192

Experiment § Epoxy double curing system

Epoxy resin has excellent strength, chemical resistance, and environmental test performance; photo curing resin reacts quickly. Is it possible to combine the two to make a product and let their advantages come into play? The most straightforward idea is to mix a part of photo curing acrylic resin into epoxy resin but it's actually not that simple. The photo curing component may dissolve the hardener of the epoxy resin, causing the epoxy resin becomes unstable; the dissolved hardener may also react with the photo curing resin, causing the photo curing ability to decline; the colloid produced by the photo curing may make the heat curing; the epoxy resin hardener is difficult to dissolve; the compatibility of the photo curing resin and the epoxy resin may be problematic, causing the strength of the hardened product to decline significantly. From these perspectives, it is not an easy task to give the adhesive the ability of double curing by light and heat. Figures 1 to 3 are standard manufacturing processes for many optoelectronic devices. Glue the FR4 board at first, and then cover it with glass. If it is heated and hardened directly, the gas in the component will expand in volume due to the increase in temperature, causing the glue line's shape and size to change. If it can be exposed and temporarily fixed and then heated and hardened to maximize the strength, there will be no such weakness. We have developed many adhesives, which can meet the manufacturing as mentioned above process and solve customers' problems.

─ Author: Miss Shu-Ting, Yang


Activity § This year's exhibition information

We have participated in many exhibitions this year. The ones that have ended are the Shanghai Munich Electronics Show on March 17-19 and the Taipei International Bicycle Show on March 18-21 (hosted by Hengyan). Next April, 8-10 Odaiba Filmtec Technology Exhibition; May, 26-28 Shenzhen Motor Exhibition (sponsored by De Nordis); June 25-27 Shenzhen Camera Exhibition; October 6-10 Taipei International Electronics Show and Wuhan Optics Valley Expo from November 12 to 14. The feature of this year is to increase the proportion of foreign exhibitors. In addition to the actual exhibition, we also specially organized a delegation to visit JEC Europe (March 10-12) in Paris, France, and Bondexpo in Stuttgart, Germany (October 5-8). Although our language is not excellent, we study hard and get help from many distribution partners; whether process planning or daily life, we cannot go on without them. With full courage and hard work step by step, we are going to the world.


Knowledge § What is electron beam curing?

Generally speaking, radiation curing includes two technologies: Photo curing and Electron bean curing. The former uses photons emitted by the light source to allow the photoinitiator to absorb and generate free radicals for the reaction; the latter uses electrons in the electron beam to directly allow monomers to create free radicals in the reaction. In other words, the electron beam curing formula has almost the same composition as the photocuring system except for the absence of an initiator. Compared with photocuring, electron beams have high energy and can be used in systems with deep colors and thick thicknesses. The reaction rate, weather resistance, and surface hardness of electron beam curing are also better than those of photocuring systems. Also, no photoinitiator is used, and the hardened material has lower volatility, which is beneficial to healthy environmental protection. The electron beam process is interfered with by oxygen and requires nitrogen gas; the most significant disadvantage is that it is expensive, so it is not popular.


Living & My job hunting record

A friend once mentioned that Everwide Chemical is very good, willing to train employees, humanized self-management, and the welfare system is not flawed, which impressed me very much. When I had the idea of ​​changing jobs and knew that Everwide had a job vacancy, I submitted my resume to the company and received the first written test notice after two weeks. The written test is not as easy as I thought; it tests attentiveness and patience and topics related to personal and work experience; you have to think about it. Unknowingly, after an hour and a half, everyone turned in their papers, and I was still writing. The colleague said: Don't hurry, just write it and let me know. It makes me feel deeply in my heart; usually, there is a time limit for the written test, but Everwide is different; They really want to know what I think. After the written test, they took us to visit the site to introduce product applications, salary system, benefits. Wait, it makes me feel very transparent, and there will be no ambiguity between job search and recruitment. Then we started the most frequent interview in your life. There were four times before and after, they all talked about some past experience and work concepts. The company cares a lot about how job applicants think about work, and it also values ​​the willingness to learn. The boss said to me at last: The company is constantly growing, the products are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the certification is becoming more and more complicated; we must continuously improve our quality. If you are not mentally prepared for continuous learning, don't waste time. Ok! It's really the most heartfelt words I've ever heard. After many times of tension and expectation, all the hard work has been rewarded: I am admitted! The company's values ​​are "R&D innovation, dedication value." I was very impressed when I saw it, and I must work hard and dedicate my value.

─ Author: Miss Ting-Yun, Zheng


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