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Everwide Newsletter No.193

Experiment § Development of heavy electric perfusion products

The products of heavy power perfusion are dazzling, such as: transformer, current transformer, potential transformer, etc. Such products require extremely high reliability, so the development of resins for heavy-duty applications is a big challenge. The resin's performance, the customer's production process, and the internal structure of the equipment are all about success or failure. Take the common partial discharge: If there are any defects in the high-voltage insulation equipment, including bubbles, impurities, and cracks, it will cause internal partial discharge (Figure 1). This effect will cause the material to heat up, carbonize, and cause the insulation performance to gradually deteriorate. This degradation rate will become faster and faster, even a possibility of breakdown (Figure 2). The cause of partial discharge comes from the insulation equipment's defects, so is the resin's fluidity, permeability, and defoaming good? Are cracks and delaminations occurring during long-term work and cooling and heating cycles? Has it passed the test of the outdoor environment (humidity, sunlight, acid rain)? These are important variables. A while ago, our customers and we jointly developed an outer heavy perfusion resin. Cooperating with the customer's vacuum system and curing conditions, the manufactured products have excellent electrical performance and will not be deteriorated due to sun exposure. Discussing with customers on the front line and solving problems are the win-win solution we have created. For further reading related to heavy power, please refer to Biweekly Newsletter No.99

─Author: Mr. Rong-Xin, Lin


Activity § Forever chief guard-tribute to Dabao

Dabao, the chief security officer of Everwide, is one of the most senior employees. When the factory was built, Supervisor A-bin brought the puppies and gave them to us, saying that she will help look after the house. As a mixed breed of Mastiff and Caucasian, his majestic appearance and loud roars when he grows up are very scary, and he guards the company bravely. Domineering, she has accidentally bitten the postman and company colleagues so that everyone is in awe of her. Sometimes she would slip away from work when the door was not closed, but she would return home soon. In recent years, she has been dragging heavy steps in her old age, and her senses of sight, hearing, and smell have gradually become less sensitive. Not long ago in the morning, we found that she fell into a ditch and couldn't get up. At that time, we knew that there was not much time to get along with her. On the last day of the Tomb Sweeping Festival, Dabao disappeared again. She never went into the water, but we found her in the company's fish pond. We buried her in the garden with our own hands, thank her for her more than fifteen years of dedication and let her continue to be with us every day. We will never forget her, and she will never forget our experience.


Knowledge § Compared with acrylic resin, what are the advantages of photo-curing epoxy resin?

In addition to active polymerization, photo curing epoxy resins have the following advantages: (1) The curing shrinkage rate of epoxy resins is lower than that of acrylic resins, and its heat resistance, chemical resistance, and moisture resistance are higher than those of acrylic resins. (2) Photo curing epoxy resin is cationic polymerization, which is not interfered with by oxygen in the air; the hardened surface has good drying properties, unlike free radical polymerization acrylic resin, the surface may be oily and sticky. (3) The Photo curing epoxy resin does not contain volatile substances, nor does it contain ingredients that irritate the skin. Hence, it is safer and more secure.


Living § Garden renovation

When I came to Everwide for an interview for the first time, I was surprised at the company's environment: How could there be such a large garden in the factory? There are ponds, pavilions, and hills in the garden too! Later, when I joined the company, I realized the learning and hard work after gardening. The original site of Douliu Industrial Area was a tea plantation, and the soil should be good. When it was divided into an industrial area, the original soil was transported out and backfilled with barren soil full of large and small rocks. These soils will fly sand and dust when strong winds blow, and they will be washed away under heavy rains. The trees' roots are deeply rooted and seem to be unaffected, so the early saplings have become big trees but the flowers and plants are different, they can't survive because of the bad soil, and the trees are always bare. It is not easy to use the soil in the factory to grow flowers and plants. You have to sift the soil, pick out the rocks, and then add organic fertilizer and mix well.

We put these fertile soils around the trees and then arranged them in the shape of a flowerbed using the big stones that were dugout. We grow golden kudzu, bougainvillea, tiger tail orchid, and jasmine orange, etc. really transform the environment. The excavated small stones and the purchased white jade can be stacked into a trail, which is beautiful and reduces soil loss. Many seedlings come from the "sapling nursery" on the office's top floor, which can be said to be the vanguards of the beautiful garden. It's not hard to imagine the hard work of transporting soil and flower pots between the garden and the top floor; we have sweated a lot just by transplanting a small part. People indeed say that "the predecessors planted trees, and the descendants enjoy the shade." I hope that we will continue to create a beautiful environment one after another.

─Author: Mr. Cheng-Hong, Lin


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