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Everwide Newsletter No.200

Experiment § Corrosion-resistant neutral transparent silica gel

Rust and oxidation of metal materials may cause the surface color to change, thereby affecting the appearance. Figure 1 shows that after the general dealcoholization type is cured and then placed in an environment of 120oC/2hr if blue copper ions appear near the copper sheet, it proves that slight rust has occurred. Compared with the deacidification and deoxime type silica gel, although the neutral dealcoholization type silica gel is relatively low corrosive, metal corrosion may still occur, which is worthy of further discussion. Figure 2 is the anti-corrosion formula developed by us. The copper sheet can maintain the original luster of the metal. Figure 3 shows the result of the dealcoholization formula placed at room temperature for 1 month under normal circumstances: not only the surrounding copper flakes are discolored, but also dark green pollutants diffuse out, which is more serious than the high-temperature test in Figure 1. We have done a lot of cross-comparisons and found that the cause of the rust is related to the composition of the silica gel and also related to the moisture absorption and crosslinking reaction of the silica gel. In the room temperature curing system, the long-term contact of copper sheets with moisture, alcohols, and catalysts leads to a great increase in the probability of rusting reaction, so a large area of pollution occurs. In contrast, many components that cause rust will volatilize during high-temperature testing, so the phenomenon of rust is relatively slight. Figure 4 shows that when the anti-corrosion formula is allowed to stand at room temperature for 1 month, the silica gel is still transparent and flawless without discoloration, which can prevent the occurrence of rust.

—Author: Miss Guan-Lin, Li


Activity § Practical first aid teaching

Two years ago, we arranged a CPR first aid teaching, which was well received by everyone. This time, we specially invited the Formosa First Aid Education Promotion Association of Taiwan to give us a lecture. The course arranges the Hamlick first aid and stroke treatment methods that are most likely to be needed in the family. The lecturer uses interactive teaching to lead everyone to practice, increase the impression, and share their own experience, hoping to correctly convey the first aid information. Finally, we also practice cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of an automatic external cardiac defibrillator (AED). We seldom use these first aid methods, but when an emergency comes, we can do the first aid in the correct way, and I believe it will still be of great help! If you are also interested in learning CPR, AED, or other first-aid teachings, you can contact Formosa First Aid Education Promotion Association in Taiwan: :


Knowledge § What is polymer viscoelasticity?

The viscoelasticity of a polymer means that it has both the elasticity that can be restored like a spring and the viscosity that cannot be restored after being deformed like clay. Typical elasticity is common in metal and ceramic materials, and Newtonian fluid is typical viscous behavior. The two characteristics of polymer materials are related to their structure: when the polymer is stressed, the molecular chain changes the bond length by rotating the bond angle to respond. This behavior belongs to the scope of elasticity and is a reversible behavior. When the force disappears, the deformation of this part will return to its original state but at the same time, the molecular chains may also slide against each other, disentangle each other, and consume energy through these movements. This behavior belongs to the scope of stickiness and is irreversible.


Living § 200 issues of bi-weekly report are issued!

From 1 to 200, the bi-weekly report took nearly 8 years. The biweekly newspaper was first issued to market Eerwide: to promote our knowledge and sell our products. With the change of mood and the growth of the years, we gradually feel that it is a pity to use the biweekly report as a marketing tool. Who is willing to spend time reading a publication while still being marketed? We must do better! This change is related to the values we have established. Research development and innovation, dedication value. When editing, we asked ourselves: what value is there in putting this article up? What kind of gains can be given to readers? The two units of "Experiment Report" and "Knowledge Exchange" in the biweekly report emphasize self-control and originality. Although the knowledge in the books is rigorous and rich, the direct information of the R&D personnel is easy to digest and close to the application. Some colleagues in the industry like to watch these two units, but they are also curious about whether they are afraid of technology leakage to competitors? In fact, we believe that knowledge sharing is beneficial to the development of the industry and makes everyone's work smoother. Moreover, there are many problems to be solved in the market, and it is actually rare for the same technical capabilities to meet together. Having said that, the real difficulty in R&D lies in the unknown. About Everwide and "Biweekly Strike" are part of "R&D and Innovation", revealing who we are? How to live? For example exhibition, tourism, education and training, health check, life experience, internship system topics. We explore new models in our work for readers to refer to: Is it possible to do this? What could be better?

We are convinced that these experiences are rich in value so that everyone can go beyond the narrow definition of work together and make the company have different meanings. Looking back at the first issue of the inaugural issue and the 100th issue four years ago (above), the thoughts and feelings are completely different. Publications, companies, individuals, cultures, and readers will all grow, and the only constant is that we work with you to manage this publication very seriously. Modify an ad slogan: Because we are worth it.

—Author: Dr. Ming-Xu, Li


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