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Everwide Newsletter No.211

Experiment § Development of resin with high filler content

Many resins will add a high proportion of inorganic filler. Take the 75wt% formula with quartz powder as an example; the expansion coefficient can be reduced from 80ppm to 20ppm; the 75wt% formula with alumina powder can increase the thermal conductivity from 0.3W/mK to 1W/mK. A large pile of powder (Figure 1) and a small part of resin (Figure 2) dispersed together will become a commercially available product (Figure 3). The difficulty of this type of product is too much powder and too little liquid, and it isn't easy to wet the surface of the powder. For a formula with a fixed weight ratio, the smaller the powder's surface area, is better. For example: the larger the specific gravity, the smaller the surface area of the powder; the larger the particle size, the smaller the surface area; the closer the shape is to the spherical shape, the smaller the surface area. From the interface point of view, liquids with low surface tension, liquids with low viscosity, powders with surface treatment, and small stacking gaps between powders can all help the liquid to wet the powder and make a better quality product. In addition to mixing, the fluidity of the finished product should be considered; most products with high filler content have thixotropy (Figure 4, 5). The powder precipitation problem must be considered to make these products have good fluidity (Figure 6). Further Reading Refer to the two-weekly: 151, 157, 158, 163, 210

─ Author: Miss Su-Huan, Li


Activity § Exhibitions participated in 2015

The exhibitions we participated in in 2015 have all ended successfully. The 192nd issue of the Biweekly News reported on March 17-19, the Shanghai Munich Electronics Show, and March 18-21, the Taipei International Bicycle Show (hosted by Hengyan). Besides, we also participated on April 08~10, the Tokyo Filmtec Technology Exhibition; May 26~28, Shenzhen International Motor Industry and Magnetic Materials Exhibition (sponsored by De Nordis); June 25-27, Shenzhen International Camera Technology and Optical Manufacturing Exhibition (sponsored by Youxin); September 22~24, Guangzhou International Optical Lens and Camera Module Exhibition (sponsored by Youxin); October 6~9, Taipei International Electronics Industry Technology Exhibition; November 12~14, Wuhan International Optoelectronic Expo. After so many exhibitions, I put in a lot of physical strength and energy, but I made many good friends. The most thankful thing is that distribution partners sponsor many exhibitions, in addition to pre-show planning and post-show services, the boarding and transportation during the exhibition also greatly assisted us. Participating in the exhibition is an important channel for us to contact customers and understand their needs, we are already planning a series of exhibitions in 2016, and I look forward to seeing you at the venue.


Knowledge § The source and impact of outgassing

Outgassing refers to the phenomenon of the cured resin dissipation volatiles; this volatiles has three sources: 1. The resin is not completely reacted, or excessive components, such as unreacted resin or hardener volatilizes after curing; 2. The non-reactive ingredients in the resin include non-reactive plasticizers, diluents, additives, etc; 3. The resin cracking products caused by environmental factors, such as high temperature, moisture, UV light, may cause molecules to break and escape. These volatile components often condense on the surface of the product, some of them are moldy and affect the appearance, some can absorb sticky dust, some will affect the performance of optical components, and some will affect the conduction of circuit switch contacts, and may also cause plastic components to crack, these volatile components often condense on the surface of the product, so the possibility of outgassing should be included in the vital consideration of formula design.


Living § The egg is the best!

Ten years ago, I used to travel with my uncle. A few customers usually line up in the morning and afternoon, and at noon, I eat lunch, drink a can of soda, and take a nap.

Although it's normal to be tired from a business trip, there is also eat-out lunch, try different tastes. When it was time for dinner on a business trip, my uncle and I discovered that we didn't have any money; we searched the copper plate on the car, and only NT$90; what should we do now? Uncle decisively bought 2 bottles of mineral water and 5 tea eggs! I will always remember the uncle peeling the eggshell and opening his round eyes; he firmly said to me in Taiwanese: "The egg is the best!" ; we ate 2 eggs each and discussed a lot about the eggs' nutrition, but neither of us intends to eat the remaining one. The only consensus is that we peel the eggshell and put it in the compartment of the car, whoever is hungry in the afternoon will eat it. There was an indescribable smell in the car for a while, until one day when I accidentally opened the compartment, the truth is revealed! Something is covered with green-colored mold and maggots wriggling on it. Even a brave man like me can only squint my eyes, clench my nose, and throw it into the trash. Since then, I have lost my passion for tea eggs. But there is something we can learn from this: I will always remember the uncle's determined eyes and the voice of "The egg is the best!" that day. A good leader can still use his enthusiasm to inspire others and look positively at changes that may not be smooth. Two eggs and a bottle of water will also become a big meal in this life. What if we each eat a bowl of instant noodles at noon that day? I am afraid there is no story to tell. It can be seen that this is a management class arranged for us by my uncle, and we have to keep it in mind.

─Author: Dr. Ming-Xu, Li

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