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Everwide Newsletter No.220

Experiment § Removal Tape

The removal tape we exhibited at FILMTECH High-Performance Film Exhibition in Japan this year is suitable for the heavy industry of touch modules. The current heavy-duty method of touch module is to separate the touch screen and LCD module by machine (wire cutting method) or freezing process, and then use a solvent to wash or wipe off the OCA residue. This method needs to be used. A large number of solvents and workforce are not only time-consuming and labor-intensive but also physical injuries. We accept the removal tape developed by the customer commission to remove the residual glue of OCA. How to use: After tearing off the easy-release film, press and attach the removable tape to the heavy work area, and use a roller to help fit it. Put the module into an oven at 50℃ and heat for 10 minutes to help adhesion. Then take out the module and cool it to room temperature, and then slowly pull it up at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees. At this time, we can remove the tape to bring up the OCA gel underneath to reach the removal tape's effect. This method does not require the use of solvents, is quick and straightforward to operate, can save a lot of time, reduce the cost of heavy work, and will not cause injury to the staff.

─ Author: Mr. Dong-qi, Pan


Activity § The beginning of 5S

The company has implemented the 5S activity several times, but it always starts to chaos after a while. In the final analysis, 5S is the establishment of discipline and the maintenance of habit. It is a set of logic, not just sweeping the floor. No wonder that past achievements are not easy to maintain. This year, everyone has set the goal as the "Everwide Improvement Year," starting with 5S to improve the environment, safety, and efficiency. We hired Ming-he, Yu, as a tutor. In the opening ceremony, we learned how to organize: red list battle, distinguish between necessary and unnecessary. Everyone sorts out the red list items in the area, locates the "necessary" items and disposes of the "unnecessary" items appropriately. Committee members and officers discuss the weekly 5S group meeting to draw up plans. At present, the first stage of sorting is in progress, and the items with the red list are gradually sorted out and removed. Everyone is surprised that we have so many unnecessary things. At the same time, a poster competition was held. All members in each group participated. The committee members voted the winner of finished posters and finally posted them in each area to encourage everyone to continue to improve. Everyone is looking forward to the result of the change; let us work hard together!


Knowledge § Will the resin become more brittle as it is roasted?

Many people experience is that the longer the epoxy resin is heated, the harder and more brittle it becomes. This phenomenon is worthy of further investigation. The possible reasons are as follows: 1. The initial reaction was incomplete, so heating improves the reaction rate. This phenomenon is quite common in soft epoxy resins because soft resins react slowly and often do not get high reaction rates in existing manufacturing processes; 2. Small molecules escape into the environment during heating, such as plasticizers, catalysts, etc. The volatilization of these small molecules will cause the Tg of the resin to increase, and the hardness will increase, so it becomes more rigid and more brittle; 3. Cracking reaction occurs at high temperature, and the molecular chain is unexpectedly broken or cross-linked. This phenomenon will cause many defects in the resin structure, the strength will decrease, and the material will break under a relatively small force, so it feels brittle. There are many reasons why polymers become brittle after high temperature, and it is necessary to distinguish them clearly before further improvement.


Living § Just do it!

"Change" is an expression of dissatisfaction with the current condition. However, how to jump out of the comfort zone to change is a big challenge. When I go to Japan to see exhibitions and discuss with foreign raw material suppliers, we could not communicate in the same language, which is the most frustrating thing for me. In a meeting, Senior Miao-ling recommended a channel for me to learn English. At that time, I struggled for a while before I decided to sign up. During this study period of about one and a half years, I learned the language and changed my thinking on many things. Because in addition to learning languages, I can meet many people from different backgrounds and absorb other people's views and thoughts. For example, in addition to teaching in class, Teacher Joyce Yang often encourages every student to think positively and face the problem with a positive attitude. It also changed my perspective in dealing with certain things. Before going to Japan to participate in this year's exhibition, the teacher especially encouraged me: "Don't be afraid of making mistakes, try to enjoy speaking in English." With the teacher's encouragement, I am no longer afraid to speak English but dare to try. Communication, get a lot of information from it. When discussing with foreign suppliers, they were surprised to praise my language improvement! I finally feel that learning English is worthwhile, and it also allows me to study more confidently. Are you dissatisfied with the current condition? Do you want to change? Please don't hesitate, "Just do it!" You will start a different life.

─ Author: Miss Ya-Ting, Lin


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