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Everwide Newsletter No.230

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Experiment § Sunglasses manufacturing process

In the plastic sunglasses market, TAC polarized film occupies a large proportion. The general manufacturing process is shown in the figure above. After being assembled in the frame, it becomes the common plastic sunglasses on the market. At present, Everwide Chemical is committed to the development of UV adhesives for this application, the bonding of TAC polarizing films and PC films. According to the customer's specifications, excellent adhesion is the most basic requirement. Secondly, it must have micro-extensibility to withstand the customer's bending process, and then it must be able to resist ink wash-out during high-temperature injection and melting to avoid flow mark defects. Finally, it must be able to pass the test of the long-term chemical-intensive treatment. After UV glue after these processes to be still retaining excellent optical properties, white fog phenomenon does not occur, translucent defects ... and so on, the product can be regarded as applicable. How to develop a UV glue with both soft and hard is no small test. We will continue to work hard and believe that one day we will see the world through Everwide UV glue.

—Author: Mr. Wei-Lin, Zhang


Activity § Pass TfS audit

In addition to the internal audit of the company and the audit of the ISO certification body, we also often accept the so-called second party audit supplier audit. In the past, everyone was afraid of audits. Now that we have accumulated experience and strength, we can smoothly identify blind spots and immediately improve them. For us, auditing is a driving force for us to move forward, and slowly change makes various systems more perfect. A few days ago, Everwide accepted the audit of TfS (Together for Sustainability). The goal of TfS is to achieve the standardization of global supplier evaluation and audit, and the purpose is to develop and implement the "Global Supplier Participation Plan" in order to evaluate and improve sustainable purchasing behavior. The good news is that we have passed the TfS audit and become an excellent supplier in the TfS system. Next year, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and ISO/TS16949 will be fully revised. We have arranged a series of courses so that everyone can fully understand the content of the revision and make revision matters easy.


Knowledge § What are the principles and functions of TMA?

The name of TMA is Thermomechanical Analyzer. The principle of TMA is to place the object under test in a device that can be heated, use a probe with a specific force to hold the object under test, and select the temperature change program and rate to know the size change of the material and the temperature, time, and mechanical load. For us, the two most important properties obtained from the TMA experiment are the coefficient of thermal expansion (α) and the glass transition temperature (Tg).The expansion coefficient of the glass state below Tg is α1, and the expansion coefficient of the rubber state above Tg is α2, and the tangent of the two slopes is Tg. The macromoleculeα1 without filler is often around 80ppm, and α2 is between 160-200ppm.The size of α1 and the level of Tg are often important references for predicting the occurrence of stress. Combining TMA analysis and ring test experiments, it is found that the greater the α1 and the higher the Tg, the risk of cracking and peeling at low temperatures is greater.


Living § There is no standard, only level

Each area of ​​5S activities will mark score each other. For example, in my laboratory, points were deducted when cups were placed on the table, points were deducted if the chairs were not close together, and points were deducted if the books were not placed neatly. Some colleagues will be unhappy about where the standards are? Those who scored have to show the deduction criteria. The consultant teacher said: "There is no standard, only level." Think about it carefully, this sentence is really interesting. What is the floor clean? Picking up confetti by hand? Sweep with a broom or mop with a mop? There is really no regulation, it depends on the level of the people in the environment, and the results will be. The same goes for work. We made a recipe for the customer, should it be sent as long as it becomes hard after stirring? Or make some application data before sending it? Or was it sent after environmental testing? It is really "no standard, only level." This sentence can be used to examine the study, examination, and dealing with people. We originally wanted to ask others "what is the standard?" It seems that others are lazy and have not carefully set standards for us to follow. In fact, the real point is that we have to reflect on ourselves, "What level do we want?" From this point of view, it is we who are foolish. It is important to think clearly about this because it is not others' standards that build our true appearance, but our own level. If our level is very high, the standards of others are naturally not important. If our level is not high enough, it will be too difficult for us to bounce back when others use stricter standards to evaluate it! Unreasonable! How can it be done? Unreasonable! How can it be done? So it makes sense to say "there is no standard, only level." Our 5S activities started with a score of 40-50 points. Recently, the scores were all 80-90 points. Our level may not have improved much. The standard may be weaker. We must continue to work hard.

—Author:Dr. Ming-xu, Li


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