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Everwide Newsletter No.232

Experiment § Development of 3D glass interior texture glue

With the development of the market, mobile phone protective covers have evolved from IMD plastic backplanes to the metallic texture of aluminum-magnesium alloys, and further use strengthened glass to create a translucent and hand-held touch. With the thinning of glass, the development of glass decoration has also become the trend of 3C products. Originally, 2D glass paste OCA glue can be used to make the texture, but when the mobile phone components are pressed to the back cover, the texture will be affected. In addition, because the technology of 3D glass paste OCA glue has yet to be broken and the soft OCA glue is difficult to cut, Therefore, curable glass glue is now used for textures. If you want to overcome the pattern and copy it on 3D glass, the first point is that an extendable mother film is required. The second point is that the glass glue does not corrode the mother film and can be released after a high temperature. The third point is the mother film and Glass glue needs to withstand high temperature (130℃ x 3 minutes) stretching temperature. Stretching the mother film sheet will consider PC or APET. UV glass glue must be able to extend, and it must be able to be sealed at high temperatures without being corroded and releasable. There are many contradictory requirements. Glass glue generally uses monofunctional monomers to overcome their shortcomings of high volatility at high temperatures. We bake the raw materials at 130℃x20 minutes, evaluate the weight loss rate, find a suitable formula, and solve the problems of extension and release. 5B is adhered to after transfer, which can meet customer requirements.

—Author: Mr. Can-Xian, Hong


Activity § Typhoon Meiji

This typhoon Meiji caused great damage to various parts of Taiwan, and it also brought Everwide no small disaster. The garden we are proud of was badly damaged by strong winds, several street trees in the parking lot were destroyed, and the entire factory area was in a mess. After the typhoon, everyone cleaned up the remaining branches and leaves. Uncle Ye, the gardener who took a rest due to illness, did not care about recuperation and came to the company to care about the beautiful gardens he maintained. Everyone worked together to quickly clean up the inside and outside of the garden. Uncle Ye also instructed everyone one by one to the righting tilted trees, bamboo and rope temporarily maintain the upright live trees. In just two days, we have restored the cleanliness of the factory area. Fortunately, the typhoon did not hurt my colleagues and everyone is safe. We also hope that after renovation, these street trees can slowly return to their old upright and continue to accompany us.


Knowledge § Outdoor weathering test and laboratory experiment

Because the outdoor weather resistance experiment is performed in a real environment, it is the most important basis for judging the weather resistance of materials. Because the outdoor weather resistance experiment is performed in a real environment, it is the most important basis for judging the weather resistance of materials. Outdoor weathering experiments and laboratory experiments can get the acceleration factor between the two under the same aging mode. However, since neither of these two experiments has 100% reproducibility, it is not suitable to use one experiment to establish the correlation between the two experiments. It is important to note that different materials have different acceleration factors, and individual experiments are required to establish acceleration factors. Sometimes quantitative experiments are very troublesome. Different types of test strips can be used to conduct outdoor and laboratory weathering experiments together. Using the sorting of the aging degree between different test pieces can establish the correlation between the two kinds of experiments, and the relative comparison will also be of the great reference value.


Living § Beautiful view of the snow-capped valley and the holy ridge

This time we are going to climb the snow-capped mountains and the weather forecast has a rain probability of 70~90%, which makes me worried all the time. With a sense of anxiety, it rained only after arriving at Sanliujiu Villa on the first day (Figure 1). The next day our team set off at nearly six o'clock. Looking towards the snow-capped mountains, it was covered with dark clouds (Figure 2). Traveling through the Black Forest in the dark (Figure 3), climbing up the circle valley in the thick fog (Figure 4), and seeing nothing when reaching the top. As it went down the mountain, the haze dissipated and the sun came out, and the circle valley and the holy ridgeline appeared in a big scene (Figure 5). To climb a mountain is to work hard and have luck. The mountain will always wait for you, depending on when you go again. We also have to go to the snow-capped mountains because we see the verdant mountains in summer and the silver-white snow in winter. Every time we feel different. The commentary board on the top of the mountain is that the name of the snow mountain comes from the Atayal ethnic group Sekoan, which is transliterated as Xue Gaoweng Mountain, which means the rift in the rock wall, which was later referred to as snow mountain. It wasn't because of the snow that it got its name. It was very different from my original understanding.

—Author:Mr. Jia-Rong, Cai


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