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Everwide Newsletter No.233

Experiment § Aging product of the soft resin

Textbooks say that the thermosetting polymer will form a network structure that will not melt at high temperatures, has no solvent, and can dissolve after cross-linking. What will happen if the polymer is exposed to a high temperature for a long time and the aging reaction occurs? Figure 1 is a black soft resin formula. After heating at 120°C/21 days, the quality is slightly lost, the hardness becomes higher, and small molecules may volatilize, the resin reaction rate increases and the cleavage reaction leads to further cross-linking. Figure 2 is a black soft resin with another formulation. The hardness at the original room temperature is similar to the example in Figure 1. After 120°C/21 days, it will decompose into a viscous liquid (Figure 3). The difference between the two is that the former chooses a molecular structure that is soft and not easy to crack. Although the cost is higher, the durability is better. The latter uses the method of reducing the cross-link density and breaking the chain to make the soft glue. Although the cost is relatively low, the further break of the molecular chain at high temperatures may turn into a pool of slime, which is very scary.

—Author: Mr. Wei-Ting, Du


Activity § What happened in October

This October was very busy. The typhoon disrupted the pace of our shipments. Fortunately, everyone worked together to clean up unnecessary garbage and dead branches blown off by the typhoon. The twice-a-year drills of fire fighting, poisons, and specialties are also grandly launched. This time, we let our male colleagues experience wearing B-level protective clothing. If a disaster occurs, they can react immediately. Everyone's proficiency in the dressing was greatly improved, breaking the record for the fastest dressing in seven minutes, and the dressing was completed in just three minutes. Subsequently, a fire drill of the whole plant was conducted, and everyone evacuated together. In order to maintain everyone’s safety, the maximum speed limit in the Everwide plant is currently set at 30km/hr. Please pay attention to driving safety.


Knowledge § Outdoor weathering test and laboratory experiment

The outdoor experiment is different from the laboratory experiment in the following points: (1) The laboratory can set a relatively short cycle time, with more cycles per day, but the outdoor experiment circulates once every day and night. (2) laboratory each cycle time can be set, The time of each cycle outdoors is not fixed due to the influence of weather and season. (3) Outdoor experiments must have day and night, but the laboratory is not necessarily, sometimes the experimental conditions are set for long-term, continuous exposure. (4) The aging mode of the laboratory weathering test may be different from the outdoor mode. It is necessary to design experimental methods to verify and confirm that the same aging mode is of the reference value. (5) The size of the test piece in the laboratory is limited by the size of the instrument cavity, and there is no size limit for the outdoor test piece.


Living § Visit the old place

The staff stayed overnight in Kenting during the tour and had a lot of time to roam the next day, so they walked along the mountain road to the Kenting Forest Recreation Area. Early in the morning, the air was fresh, and only a few locomotives whizzed by on the road, and it instantly turned quiet again. I thought this was the place I visited more than 30 years ago and I don't know if there is a stalactite cave. I remember that there is a kind of seed that looks like a heart shape, which is very beautiful, so I followed the footsteps of memory. Along the way, yellow and red road crabs appeared, and some of them have died, which is a pity. The garden has not yet opened at this time, but I was lucky to meet a couple who came to exercise from Kaohsiung. This is their exclusive back garden away from the crowds, so they took me into the garden with a great experience. I suddenly remembered this sentence: "Attitude always determines your gain." I also began to enjoy the adventure alone, following the signs and entering the unmanned stalactite cave. It's really beautiful here! The traces left by the years, the sculptures of different works of art are preserved and provide the human geological evolution process for future generations. I went down the mountain contented, jogging back to the hotel along the way, I was satisfied both physically and mentally. It is a sense of satisfaction to find the sights in my memory. The 10-km charging distance back and forth makes me feel refreshed and energetic!

—Author: Mr. Can-Xian, Hong

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