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Everwide Newsletter No.237

Experiment § Low irritation light-curing glass adhesive

Everwide Chemical produces many types of light-curing adhesives, which are used in the field of glass adhesion, such as furniture, art... etc. These products have been sold for more than 15 years and have good strength and long-term reliability. The key to the formulation is to add Acrylic acid (AA) to make the adhesive bond to the glass. However, acrylic acid smells pungent, and skin contact is also pungent, so there is gradually demand low odor, low irritation, and no added acrylic acid in the market. Especially in Europe, environmental protection awareness is high, and they are willing to sacrifice the strength of some adhesives in exchange for higher safety. In response to the needs of foreign customers, Everwide Chemical started to develop low-irritating glass adhesives and has now entered the stage of environmental testing. The initial strength of the new adhesive GA415 is about 80kg/cm2. Although it is not as good as traditional products (such as GA006, the strength is close to 100kg/cm2), it is expected to have a fairly stable performance in the high temperature and high humidity experiment. Then again, the nature of the glass material is relatively brittle, and in many applications, the glass breaks before the adhesive exert its strength. Therefore, a low-irritating formula is still a reliable product.

—Author: Miss. Miao-Lin, Lin


Activity § Improved working environment

In order to improve the workplace environment, we installed 6 additional exhaust fans in August to increase the ventilation efficiency of the plant, and there has been a significant cooling effect (Biweekly report 229). Then we installed 6 more water-cooled fans. After the actual operation, the temperature dropped by 2~3 degrees. Everyone felt that it was much cooler than before and was more comfortable at work (Figure 1-3). We also installed an LED display screen to detect the temperature and humidity of the environment (Figure 4). Environmental improvement is a long-term continuous work. Every summer, we do some cooling attempts such as shade nets, ceilings, insulation paper, exhaust fans... After so many years, there have been good results. What are you going to do next year? Brainstorming now.


Knowledge § What are Newtonian fluids and non-Newtonian fluids?

Viscosity is the shear stress divided by the shear rate. Under different shear stress, the fluid has the same proportion of the shear rate change, which causes the ratio of the two to remain unchanged, which is called Newtonian fluid. In other words, under different shear rates, Newtonian fluids have the same viscosity value. If they do not meet this definition, they are non-Newtonian fluids. Generally, the viscosity of monomers is mostly the behavior of Newtonian fluids. After the polymer is added, it will shift to the characteristics of non-Newtonian fluids. The higher the molecular weight and the higher the concentration, the more obvious the polymer. The addition of inorganic filler powder to the liquid will also show the characteristics of the smaller the particle size of the powder and the larger the additional amount, the more deviating from the Newtonian fluid. Non-Newtonian fluids are divided into two categories. The first category is that the viscosity does not change with time (Time Independent): when measured at a specific shear rate, the behavior of viscosity does not change with the increase of time. The second type is that the viscosity will change with time (Time-Dependent): when measured at a specific shear rate, the behavior of the viscosity will increase or decrease with time.


Living § Pintian Mountain and Chiyou Mountain

The Wuling Four Shows refer to the four mountains that have been climbed from the Wuling Farm: Pintian Mountain, Chiyou Mountain, Taoshan Mountain, and Karaye Mountain. Our trip only climbed Pintian Mountain and Chiyou Mountain. In the sunny and cool weather in November, it is very comfortable to walk on high mountains above 3000 meters. On the first day, we climbed Pintian Mountain first and stayed overnight at Xinda Mountain House. Departing early the next morning, passing the Pintian cliffs and climbing to the top of Pintian Mountain, seeing the clear sacred ridgeline, I was really moved. When you climb a high mountain, you will feel that the world is small, especially after suffering from physical strength and endurance, you will feel reborn. Some people say that they want to "conquer" the mountains, but the closer to nature, the better they can understand the insignificance of people. Achieving a beautiful mountain is not just a matter of thousands of years and it is arrogant and ignorant to "conquer". In the process of climbing, you must always check your own situation to match the environment. It is you who want to conquer and challenge, not the forest. I like mountain climbing. The color of the sea of clouds just before sunrise will be unforgettable for life, the sunset glow in the evening will not be plastered, at night, you can see the unobscured starry milky way, and people and beautiful scenery can combine here to form the most beautiful experience With memories, how can you not be willing to come close to her? (Photo was taken from Pintian Peak)

—Author: Mr. Wen-Chao, Shi


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