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Everwide Newsletter No.242

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Experiment § "Preservation" of adhesive

Food must be kept fresh, milk must be kept fresh, and glue must be kept fresh too. Figures 1~3 show the glue that is poured out from the same hose for the same product simultaneously. It can be seen that the color of the colloid is different: the color of the resin punched out at the front end of the hose is whiter (Figure 1), and the color of the resin punched out at the bottom end of the hose is yellower (Figure 3). When the resin was put into the hose initially, there was no such difference in color. But if it was placed in the storage for a long period, the color shift could be observed starting from the end part of the hose. We have done some experiments and found that this color difference is related to amines' oxidation, and only a small amount of air is enough to cause a color shift. Since the piston in the hose is not airtight, a small amount of air will diffuse in from the rear end. This problem can be solved if the hose is placed in an environment completely isolated from the air. Then again, the yellowing of amines is a very common phenomenon. We measured its reactiveness, Tg, bonding strength; there is no difference. It is not necessary for the resin to completely "keep fresh."

─ Author: Miss Ming-hsiu, Lai


Activity § 5S Draft improvement

Last year, we completed the two phases of "reorganization" and "consolidation" of 5S. There were apparent changes in the factory. Everyone gradually adjusted their habits and corrected the past's bad habits according to the rhythm of 5S. There are many projects we need to improve. At this stage, our goal is to make the entire system more complete. Therefore, through the discussion of the 5S team members, the six major themes have become our draft improvement goal. The themes are 1. Safety stock precision, 2. Accounting integration, 3. Real-time manufacturing order, 4. Rationalization of production scheduling, 5. Identification of personnel functions, and 6. Labor-saving of production operations (automation). We are currently discussing these projects: what goals do we hope to achieve, discuss these goals' reality, and what is the visible quantitative status of these goals? How to improve? Through group discussion activities, we can slowly evolve, have a different feature, and meet the future.


Knowledge § Why does the viscosity of a thixotropic fluid change over time?

Take the adhesive as an example. Different types of inorganic powders are often added to the admixture. On the one hand, it provides specific performance and sometimes has the functions of anti-sagging and anti-sedimentation. These powders and granules attract each other due to special forces (the most common being hydrogen bonds) on each other's surface or arranged in a particular structure. External forces will destroy these tiny forces: mutually attracted agglomerations and specially arranged structures will be disassembled with time and flow along the direction of the flow field. The viscosity will follow the action, so the viscosity will gradually decrease as the time of exposure increases. When the fixed applied external force decreases and the shear rate of the flow field decreases, the tiny force between the particles will attract each other again and reunite, which becomes obvious as the time without force increases, so it shows that the viscosity increases over the time.


Living § Grandma satellite navigation

Ever since my grandmother fell ill, I often drove her both home and the hospital by car. I also use satellite navigation in the car to guide me. One day, my grandmother smiled and said to me, "Do you know that every time you go, this road is actually farther. Do you want me to take you the shortcut?" I am a little suspicious. Grandma can't drive. How can she know the driving route? With doubts, I decided to let my grandmother try to "lead the way." Unexpectedly, her route was time-saving. We arrived at the hospital earlier, and the grandparents had a cup of coffee before reporting to the hospital counter. Grandma's instruction method is extraordinary. She always uses "east, west, south, north" to show me the way. "After this, drive to the road to the southeast." "Turn to the small road to the west." Every time she said that I nervously looked for "Sun" to locate. Later I solved her secret phrase: It turned out that "east, west, south, north" means "front, back, left, and right," so nothing wrong with this! Grandma was enjoying the fun of leading the way, and we neglected satellite navigation. I asked her curiously, "Why do you remember these routes?" Grandma said, "Because taking the car is boring, I can only memorize the route." I admire my grandma! Many older people are easy to forget things, but my 92-year-old grandmother had an amazing memory. How does she keep her brainpower? By unfeeling any worry, you can make your life easier. I often take my grandmother to play around. I am very happy. There is my companion in her memories. We don't know what will happen next second; we can only try to cherish everything around us.

─ Author: Miss. Heng-rong, Li


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