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Everwide Newsletter No.243

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Experiment § UV humidification curing system

Many years ago, a customer asked if we have adhesive for "UV curing plus moisture curing system"? The characteristic is to have the speed of UV curing and make up for the places that UV can not irradiate. Therefore the second curing mechanism of moisture-curing is required. After receiving the request, I was full of questions and asked the customer: "In the moisture hardening system, the fastest surface drying takes only 3 minutes. Isn't it fast enough?" However, no one answered my question. And I was thinking of this demand for a long time. After many failed experiments, I finally solved the original mystery and successfully developed the FS169 series. It is an adhesive that has UV curing and moisture curing. What's even better is that the product is entirely free of tin catalyst and has a standard fluorescent detection function, displaying the condition of the colloid under the fluorescent lamp. After the basic FS169 is developed, we can also develop different colors or flammability standards (UL) for everyone in the future. Integrating all the advantages of UV and moisture in this series is fast, good, and environmentally friendly to use. Can you give such a distinctive product a try?

─ Author: Mr. Hui-xu, Li


Activity § Correct usage of fire hydrants

Because fire extinguishers are easy to obtain and easy to use, we always let everyone operate fire extinguishers during fire drills every year. Everwide also set up indoor fire hydrants in each building. To ensure that everyone can use them correctly, we specially invited the fire department commissioner to give guidance in this fire drill. When a disaster occurs, the site is dense with the dense smoke, and water mist can be used to exhaust the smoke, and it has the effect of cooling and protection. When a fire is found, turn the nozzle and use a straight water jet to extinguish the fire source. Everyone listened attentively and practiced operating the fire hydrant, which benefited a lot. However, pay attention to the fire hydrant's high water pressure, and the nozzle must be held tightly during operation to avoid the nozzle spraying randomly and hurting others.


Knowledge § What is dilatant fluid?

The definition of dilatant: 1. When the shear rate increases, the viscosity value increases, and when the shear rate decreases, the viscosity value decreases. This phenomenon is called the shear thickening effect. 2. When the shear rate is fixed, the fluid's viscosity will not change by the time. The fluid that meets these two requirements is dilatant, a non-Newtonian fluid type. The most common example is a beach moistened by seawater, and the gaps between the sand are filled by seawater. When there is no external force, these sands are closely stacked on each other with minimal gaps. When there is an external force (for example, someone is running on it), the sand particles move transferred by force, but the stack is not in the tightest, the gap becomes larger, and the microscopic looks like volume expansion. The faster we run on it, the greater the force the sand will receive, and the more it deviates from the tightest accumulation, the higher the viscosity it exhibits so that we can run across it. If we walk slowly, the sand particles' force will be small, and the viscosity will be low, and our feet will sink into the sand or the seawater.


Living § Travel memory in Nepal

When I was in college, a friend gave me the book 「有難我來當」. The words in the book touched me and generated motivation to visit Nepal. By chance, I asked a school that demanded volunteer teachers, so I started my trip to Nepal. Looking out the plane's window, there are no tall buildings, only the beauty of the mountains. Overlooking the world's highest peak, the Himalayas, the top of the mountain is covered by snow, adding wondrous mystery. It took 6 to 7 hours to drive from the airport to the school, pass the steep mountains one after another. Some roads were very bumpy and made me sway like dancing. For me, who can get carsickness, although I hope to reach the end as soon as possible, the beautiful scenery on the road makes me reluctant to close my eyes. I usually eat family dishes here. There are bread that looks like a doughnut but tastes hard, bibimbap with salted mung bean soup, and various vegetables with curry. The most memorable thing is that I eat curry dishes for 30 days in a row. The most unforgettable memory is visiting five families, walking through nearly 80 degrees gravel and dirt roads, passing through dry riverbeds full of many sizes of rocks, and crossing two hills. It is the first time I walked on the road this far on my feet. A child needs to walk for more than two hours every day to go to school, which made me feel that I am blessed to grow up in Taiwan. Nepal's warm and lovely people, simple life, and beautiful scenery are unforgettable. I think I will revisit it if I have the opportunity.

─ Author: Miss. Yuan-ru, Liao


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