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Everwide Newsletter No.244

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Experiment § Silicone produces fogging

Recently, many customers have asked: "Why are the lamps sealed with Silicone glue, and thorough the ring test at first, but the appearance of fogging occurs gradually over time?" It is because the reaction rate of the raw material of silicone does not reach 100%. The small molecules remaining in the resin will volatilize as the lamp lit for a long time, and the temperature of the workpiece will rise, causing fogging. Another common sight of silicone volatilization is on the outside of the window. The small molecules volatilized from the silicon will run to the tiles' surface and will also attract dust, causing blackness. Because of these ingredients of water repellent, the heavy rain cannot wash away. It has been reported in the literature that volatile silicone adheres to parts such as switches and relays, causing poor contact after absorbing dust, which is a place to be considered in the application. Everwide's silicone is coded by the FX series and Modified Silicone by the FS series. The reaction behavior is the same as silicon, but without the volatiles of silicone. It is an additional choice for technical applications.

─ Author: Mr. Zhe-yong, Lin.


Activity § Workshop internship course

In the past two years, Everwide has recruited new employees simultaneously. To let new colleagues quickly get familiar with the work, we have arranged a series of "Workshop Internship Course. " Whether it is management, R&D, manufacturing, or quality assurance, colleagues learn skills at each station, and the internship lasts for three months. After the internship course is over, each station will have a different examination. Use the limited time to accelerate learning. The new colleague's notebook is full of notes, telling every bit of learning. On the day of the review day, the new colleague contacted the seed instructor and asked carefully about the materials that should be noted. With an anxious heart, go to the exam. On the day of the exam, the tension is really broken, and the scalp is itchy, making the whole body tremble. I believe that under our series of curriculum arrangements, these new colleagues can quickly become our new force.


Knowledge § Why does super glue seem to become brittle after adding accelerators?

Super glue is hardened by the anionic polymerization initiated by moisture. Moisture is the initiator of superglue, which is the beginning of the molecular chain. When the humidity is too low, and there are too few water molecules on the material's surface, the initial chain ends are few, so the reaction speed is prolonged. This situation can be improved by spraying an accelerator on the material's surface to be bonded or super glue. The accelerator contains alkaline substances, which have the same effect as moisture and can be used as the super glue initiator. Since the starter is increased and the polymerization reaction is carried out simultaneously, the super glue can react and harden quickly. However, when there is only a small amount of water, the initial chain ends of the super glue are fewer, and the molecular weight of each molecular chain is more massive. Hence, the strength after hardening is better. If an accelerator is used to accelerate the reaction, the super glue will have many initial chains and grow many molecular chains. As a result, each chain's molecular weight is low, so the hardened product is more brittle and has insufficient strength.


Living § HåfaAdai! warm-hearted guam

Guam has always been a tourist attraction that I wanted to visit when I was young, but it was not popular. That time, I saw that the itinerary was six days and four nights, red-eye flights, and very limited attractions. After having a child, I thought it was a disadvantage, but now it becomes a benefit. Hotels have everything, beaches, swimming pools, shopping centers; I feel like staying in a hotel all day will not be boring. Guam's four seasons are like summer, and there are more options for going early and returning at noon, so on February 28th, a five-day and four-night trip to Guam was arranged. Guam was still Japanese territory before World War II, and many traces of war history can be seen on the island. In addition to the memorial hall and memorial park, there is also a Yokoi's cave, telling that the Japanese soldier Yokoi Shōichi had been hiding in the cave he dug for 28 years. All his companions died without being found. After World War II ended in 1945 and Japan surrendered and retreated, it was discovered and rescued by a local fisherman in 1972 and returned to Japan. Guam has brought me many feelings about going to Kinmen, a place baptized by war and transformed into a sacred place for a wedding holiday. Because the US military is stationed, military aircraft can be seen flying across the sky at any time. It seems to be a place for vacations every day, but the island people have minimal development opportunities. A small island in the United States cast Trump's vote, and it seems that nothing can be changed. Many Japanese-invested restaurants and shopping centers on the island, and the residents even speak Japanese, which is very warm and friendly to tourists. In Guam, I saw a very different America.

─ Author: Mr. Hui-xu, Li


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