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Everwide Newsletter No.247

Experiment § UV glue for surface coating

In the past, the surface coating application was commonly used for metal inscription plates. However, industries such as labels or buttons will also coat a layer of glue on the products to protect the labels and buttons. Most of this type of glue is a PU curing system, in addition to protecting the pattern, it can also achieve beautiful effects. However, the curing speed of PU is relatively slow. In order to improve production efficiency, everyone gradually began to use UV curing system products to replace the traditional PU glue. The UV curing system has a fast curing speed, which can be completely cured in a few seconds, reducing the waiting time in the process. We overcome the common problem that the surface is not dry when the UV glue reacts when it encounters air. At the same time, we can also adjust UV glues with different softness and hardness to meet customer requirements. The current products not only have good transparency and surface dry properties but also have good surface smoothness. The next time you touch these labels and buttons, maybe the transparent glue on them is Everwide’s product!

—Author: Miss. Ya-ting, Lin


Activity § Coastal beach cleaning and adoption activities

Because Taiwan is surrounded by the sea on all sides, we have rich marine ecology and abundant catches. The fly in the ointment is the coastline, which is often covered with rubbish and debris due to natural and man-made disasters, which affect the original appearance. The Environmental Protection Agency divides the cleanable coastline into 1,244 sections, establishes a coastline adoption system, and invites everyone to clean beaches and jointly maintain our coastline. Everwide Chemical also hopes to do its best to adopt a section of the Yunlin coastline. For this, colleagues were talking about the adoption event, and several colleagues volunteered to take the lead and went to the site to confirm the location of the coastline. We found that the adopted coastline was full of rubbish and frowned. Next, we will hold a series of beach cleaning activities, hoping to clean up the coastline and give everyone

a beautiful coast. For coastline adoption activities, please search:


Knowledge § Why some adhesives can be connected to the oil surface?

Some metal surfaces have anti-rust oil. It is best to remove the oil stains on the surface before adhering. Sometimes it is very troublesome to remove these ingredients, so adhesives that can be glued on the oil surface are a better choice. For example the second-generation acrylate adhesive contains a high proportion of rubber components; some epoxy resins contain liquid rubber or use polyamide curing agents (Polyamide). These components are compatible with the anti-rust oil and will absorb the anti-rust oil on the surface of the material into the inside of the adhesive, so the strength of the adhesion is slightly affected by the anti-rust oil. From this principle, the oily surface refers to the compatibility of oil stains and certain components of the adhesive. If it is incompatible ingredients (for example silicone oil), there is no way to do it like this, you still have to clean it.


Living § Reasons for holiday gifts

From the beginning of the company, I used to give small gifts to my colleagues during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and New Year's Day. Meilan, who works in a fruit shop, always said when I ordered fruit: " How 'considerate' the company boss is and gives gifts to employees. No one in the industrial zone does this." Huijuan of Futai also said, "None of the manufacturers in the industrial zone issued three or five sets of uniforms to employees. Your company is great!" When I was born in the second baby boom and life was difficult. For women of the mother’s generation, 16 to 20 years old is the marriageable age. At that time, medicine was underdeveloped and there was no birth control method. It was normal for a healthy woman to have 10 children. My family is a typical civil servant family. My father is a railway engineer who studied in Japan, but his salary is only enough to buy rice. It is common for mothers to cook a pot of white rice. We served a bowl while it was hot and we used chopsticks to dig a small hole in the middle, dipped a small spoonful of crystallized white lard, added a small scoop of soy sauce, and then covered the small hole and stirred. The aroma of rice is floating in the air, it is a delicacy on earth. My mother planted water spinach and sweet potato leaves in a small open area by the river and surrounded a pigpen with wood in the dormitory provided by the railway to raise three piglets. The piglet being raised and then sold is the source of our tuition. My mother made a lot of dried radish and Tofu Marinated, which became our dish. Our whole family was dining at the big round table. Several times, we heard my dad whisper: "It's so pitiful! So pitiful!" The child didn't understand, and it was enough to have enough food and clothing. Occasionally, when my father got off work, he carried a small gift box in his hand, and the whole family was excited. Waiting for the father to open the box after dinner has become a major event. We were sitting on the tatami, and Dad carefully opened it, either cookies, wedding cakes, or candy. Dad shared a small portion for each person, and it was soon separated. The small portion in my hand, I slowly sip and bite, and the small heart is full of happiness. To this day, the little gift in my father's hand is still embedded in my mind. I send that touch to every colleague and give me a small gift for three festivals to add a little luck to the house. Even if we are rich now, we must not forget that society has struggled out of difficulties.

—Author: Miss. Su-hui, Chen

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