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Everwide Newsletter No.248

Experiment § The front edge of the one component adhesive does is wet

Some one component epoxy resins have a slight poor reaction rate at the front end after being baked cured, and they may even not dry. This phenomenon is not observed in most applications. In some special cases, such as the color wheel used in projectors, when there are temperature and high-speed rotation, a small amount of resin is thrown out and traces are left (Figure 1-3). Figure 4 illustrates the relationship between the original resin, powder curing agent, and the substrate. Because of the increase in temperature, the decrease in viscosity, and the surface tension, the resin will penetrate to the front or in the gap, forming a thin coating. However, the curing agent powder dispersed in the resin does not necessarily spread forward with the liquid synchronously, resulting in insufficient curing agent at the front edge of the system, and even non-drying conditions (Figure 5).

—Author: Mr. Zhan-yu, Chen


Activity § How can employee travel be the most fun?

We organize employee tours every year and the most troublesome aspect of the Welfare Committee is how to plan to give people a refreshing feeling? Eastern Taiwan is a relatively rare place to host tourism, for no other reason: the distance is too far, and it is tiring to take a tour bus for a long time. This year we are different from the past and try to use railway tourism as the theme. What's more special is that we took the latest inclined train "Puyoma" and experienced its special cornering design and speed. The blue east coast and the coastal mountains combine to form a beautiful picture, leaving a vivid memory in our hearts. On the return trip, everyone agreed: This employee tour is different from the previous gameplay, which is especially fun!


Knowledge § What effect does plasticizer have on adhesion?

Plastic adherends may contain plasticizers, for example, soft PVC contains DOP. When using an adhesive to stick soft PVC, the compatibility of the adhesive and DOP must be considered. If the adhesive and DOP have good compatibility, the DOP in the PVC will gradually diffuse into the adhesive, making the adhesive softer, and then the strength will decrease. If the compatibility of the adhesive and DOP is not good, the plasticizer will not diffuse into the adhesive and the adhesive strength will be relatively stable. On the other hand, some adhesives with plasticizers may also spread to the surface of the adherend, causing the surface of the adherend to weaken and then the strength to decrease. This problem can be solved if the surface of the adhesive is protected, or the adhesive is replaced with no plasticizer.


Living § Early climbing experience in March

At the beginning of March, I was invited by my senior to participate in the mountaineering activities of the Can Rong and climbed Liding Mountain and Mt. Makasa with seniors from various fields. These two mountains originated from Mount Beidawu mountain (Paiwan language: kavulungan) at the junction of Pingtung and Taitung. Beidawu Mountain is the highest peak in the southern section of the Central Mountain Range and the sacred mountain of the local Paiwan and Rukai people. These two mountains belong to the ridges and tails of the Beidawu branch. Among them, Liding Mountain is also called "Little Sacred Mountain". The entire distance is about 12 kilometers, and the altitude is about 1200m. It seems simple "book data", but in fact, we start ascending from a position close to 0m above sea level. Although one-way is only 6 kilometers, it is very difficult to rise so much in 3 hours. Because the descending slope is big when going down the mountain, there are many gravel roads on the road, so you have to concentrate to avoid falling. Everyone on the tour bus must share their experience with a microphone. In addition to what we saw when climbing the mountain, everyone told many life stories and experiences. In the car, I also distributed a book card of "Visiting Gong Nian Grace", which made me feel deeply. This activity made me discover that climbing the mountain can not only exercise physical fitness and strengthen the will but also develop the mind. It is really a very different activity. I also urge myself to spread good ideas and make the world a better place.

—Author: Mr. Zhihung, Wei

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