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Everwide Newsletter No.251

Experiment § Image of resin cracking

Resin is poured into electronic parts to prevent environmental factors from damaging the parts, such as oxygen, humidity, dust, etc. However, the thermal expansion and contraction of the resin under temperature changes will cause stress itself, which is also a big environmental factor. Figure 1 shows that the hard and tough epoxy resin is poured into the aluminum shell, and the resin is peeled from the aluminum shell after cooling and heating cycles. The reaction rate is not good, and the brittle resin b will be crushed by the aluminum shell (Figure 2). Figure 3 shows that these cracks are very sharp, which is a common failure feature in our environmental measurement. Figure 4 is a peculiar image after deliberately pouring soft resin c in the lower half and then pouring hard resin d in the upper half. The lower part of the soft resin has very little stress, but when it should shrink at low temperatures, the surrounding and bottom are aluminum shells, and the upper part is hard resin d, which is completely fixed and cannot shrink. Finally, the shrinkage stress is so large that it pulls the soft resin c apart by itself to increase its volume. Figure 5 shows that this kind of crack is very wide, and also illustrates the characteristics of soft resin cracking when the volume change is limited.

—Author: Miss. Su-Huan, Li


Activity § The final IATF16949 transfer tutorial

After the half-year IATF16949 transfer tutoring program is over, all the program books and documents are ready after the intensive course. At present, we are left with the internal audit and management review meeting, after which we will accept the preliminary review of the IATF16949 document of the external audit unit. In order to make everyone feel more about this event, the management representative specially convened an internal audit briefing. Everyone reviewed the content of the procedure book and the flowchart (turtle diagram) together, and actively prepared for the next internal audit. Each team member discusses audit topics separately and participates in the audit. A colleague asked: "Do we have to be so serious?" "Because this is an annual event! We never fake!" The process of the reversion plan is very long, as long as everyone works together, we are about to reap the sweet fruits. We all hope to pass the IATF16949 external audit at the end of September this year. Yes, the arrow is on the string and we are ready!


Knowledge § Why do materials design always want toughness to break?

For materials with similar structures, brittle fracture is often composed of stronger material and higher rigidity, but lower fracture energy. In contrast, the composition of ductile fracture is often that the material strength and rigidity are relatively low, but the fracture energy is relatively high. Although the strength of brittle fracture is not necessarily bad, because the material lacks the ability of plastic deformation, once the crack occurs, it may grow quickly and cause the material to fracture. There is almost no warning time, and it is usually difficult to prevent it. When an external force acts on the composition of ductile fracture, even if a crack occurs, it will consume fracture energy through plastic deformation, so that the failure will not occur quickly. During this period, the material is deformed, which is relatively easy to observe, and there is a relatively long warning time to repair and replace. Therefore, in practical applications, it is hoped that the material's rupture mode is better than ductile rupture.


Living § 48HR fast business trip

When I was a child, I always thought that Dad was going to play on a business trip. But after I got employed, I realized that it was a hard business trip. In order to solve problems for customers as soon as possible, I often travel to and from Taiwan. The boss said, "Go out early!" and I set off from the company at four in the morning and met several customers a day. Although the family is the most important thing after giving birth to children, I also travel abroad alone. When the child looked at me with twinkling eyes, I seemed to see my young and ignorant self. The client said, "Come here! There is something for you to see!" I went to the company in the morning and told my colleagues to help with the experiment. After lunch, I rushed to the airport with a light load and arrived in Shanwei as quickly as possible. I tried to arrive automatically and passed the security check hungry, but the plane was delayed due to heavy rain. After the plane landed, because there was no phone or internet, I could not contact my colleagues, so I could only wait anxiously. It was 11 o'clock in the night when I arrived at the hotel where I was staying. After meeting with the customer the next day to understand the problem, I hurried back to Taiwan to continue the next experiment. On the return flight, I looked out of the dark window, thinking about the purpose of this fast business trip. Perhaps, a real face-to-face discussion with the customer at one time cannot completely solve the problem, but it can bring the customer's peace of mind and let me as a researcher fully understand the problem. If it can be resolved as soon as possible, the intention to travel is not in vain.

—Author: Miss. Ming-Xiu, Lai

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