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Everwide Newsletter No.254

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Experiment § Development of hard coating for PC

PC (Polycarbonate) is one of the five major engineering plastics. It is often used in outdoor applications. However, its surface hardness is not good enough and there are often scratches. Therefore, it is necessary to spray the Hard coating (HC) of the acrylic system. It can improve the hardness and the weather resistance of PC. The H.C. weather resistance test piece and experiment box are shown in Figure 1. H.C. often adds ultraviolet absorbers to increase its weather resistance. However, "weather resistance" has different definitions in different situations. Some evaluate the strength of the coating, some evaluate the electrical characteristics, and some evaluate the color appearance (Figure 2, 3). The H.C. of the PC must specifically evaluate the protection of the underlying PC by the H.C., not only the H.C. should not be yellowed as much as possible, but also to protect the PC below from yellowing. Figure 4 shows that H.C. can absorb ultraviolet rays, so the PC is less affected and the yellowing is relatively slight. —Author: Mr. Wei-Lin, Zhang


Activity § Import ERP system

In the early days of its establishment, Everwide used the "Invoicing System" to maintain the company's operations. Over the past ten years, our scale has continued to expand, the number of personnel and products has grown, and the original system has been insufficient. Everyone discussed whether to switch to an ERP system to help us connect the various processes. We have held many discussion meetings about "whether to replace the system", and then we invited several leading ERP system vendors to introduce the advantages of our products and evaluate which one can better meet our needs. After several months of hard work, we began to enter the ERP process. During the transition from the old to the new system, we have to learn the new system and maintain the operation of the old system. ERP will run in January next year. After this period of pain, our process can be more effectively and appropriately connected, reducing the error rate in the process, and even greatly improving our work efficiency.


Knowledge § What factors affect the dielectric constant of polymers (1)?

Macromolecules are polarized under the influence of external electric fields. For example, if the electric field directly above the polymer is positively charged, the polymer will move through the chain to direct the partially negatively charged functional groups in the structure directly upward. At the same time, the electric field directly below the polymer will be negatively charged, and the polymer will point part of the positively charged structure downward. The more polar groups in a polymer, the easier it is to be polarized in an electric field, and the easier it is to respond to the induction of electric field charges, so the dielectric constant is relatively high. Another internal factor is the Tg (Glass transition temperature) of the polymer. For polymers with similar structures, at the same temperature, the molecular chains of materials with high Tg have poorer mobility and less polarization in response to external electric fields, so the dielectric constant is relatively low. The molecular chains of materials with low Tg are more able to move, and the ability of polarization to respond to external electric fields is high, so the dielectric constant is relatively high.


Living § Fishing experience

I went to the beach with my father to go fishing since I was a child and gradually fell in love with fishing. I usually get up at three o'clock in the morning on holidays, arrive at the beach in Lukang, Changhua before sunrise, set up a fishing rod, and get ready to start a day fishing trip. We sat on the shore together, sometimes admiring the breaking of dawn, sometimes listening to the fishermen explaining the techniques of rock fishing, accompanied by the sound of waves lapping and waiting for the fish to take the bait. However, waiting is the most difficult time. It may not have been harvested for a whole day, or it may be lucky to catch a big fish, return with a load, and return to work early to rest. In the fishing lesson, I learned to wait patiently, without giving up any hope, to wait until the moment the fish was hooked. How to catch the baitfish to the shore is also big learning. We fight the fish with wits and slowly exhaust its energy, then it can be easily caught. If you want to force a fish to come ashore, it is likely to be pulled into the sea by accident, or the hooked fish will run away in a hurry. Life seems to be the same. In the face of difficulties, if you escape, you will never be able to overcome the difficulties. We have to find a way out and use wisdom to solve problems. That is the right attitude to face difficulties and self-growth. If you are interested, why not experience the fun of fishing with me next time!

—Author: Mr. Sheng-Zhi, Song


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