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Everwide Newsletter No.255

Experiment § Self-healing paint

In the past, I met customers asking if there are any coatings with high hardness, scratch resistance, and steel wool resistance? We usually choose a harder formula for customers to test. Everwide’s Chemical now offers another option. We are developing coatings with self-healing functions. The surface hardness of this kind of coating is not high, and the special high elastic resin is used to greatly improve the flexibility, mechanical strength, and toughness of the paint surface. When the surface of the paint is scratched (without damaging the coating), the highly elastic resin will quickly fill the dents in the scratch and achieve self-healing function. Our product GS358 series is a solvent-based UV-curable coating, which has the characteristics of low viscosity, easy coating, transparency, no white fog, good chemical resistance, and steel wool resistance. With a self-healing effect, scratches can be recovered within 6-10 seconds. This product can be coated on PET film or other plastics before subsequent processing. In the future, it can be used in 3C electronic products, laptop casings, PET, GB film, automotive PVC film... and other applications. Interested friends are welcome to discuss with us.

—Author:Mr. Dong-Qi, Pan


Activity § Prepare for typhoon

Taiwan is located in the Northwest Pacific Ocean. On average, about 3 to 4 typhoons hit Taiwan a year, causing many disasters. Hundreds of trees have been planted in Everwide's Garden. Often, typhoons have caused the trees to fall and become devastated. In order to avoid this kind of dilemma from happening again, we chose active anti-typhoon measures this time and asked a professional logging team to organize the garden for us. Due to the huge number of trees, it took two days to complete this task. Many colleagues also sacrificed their holidays to help organize the garden. After this pruning, I believe we can survive the typhoon season safely. Preventing beforehand is better than cleaning up afterward. Don’t forget to prepare in advance to protect yourself and your home!


Knowledge § What factors affect the dielectric constant of polymers (2)?

In addition to the properties of polymers, the dielectric constant of polymers is also affected by external factors. For example, the tested temperature and electric field frequency are mainly considered from the movement ability of the molecular chain. The higher the test temperature, the stronger the mobility of the molecular chain, and the easier the polymer is polarized, so the dielectric constant is higher. In contrast, molecular chains lack energy movement at low temperatures and exhibit relatively low dielectric constants. When the frequency of the electric field is very low, the polymer chains have enough time to move so that the structure of the opposite polarity responds to the action of the electric field. In this case, the molecular chain is highly polarized, so the dielectric constant is relatively high. For the same material, in an environment with a high electric field frequency, the polymer chain has not had time to move, and the electric field changes to the opposite charge. Because the electric field changes very fast at high frequency, the polymer chain is always too late to move, and the degree of polarization is low, so it shows a relatively low dielectric constant.


Living § Are you exercising today?

"Would you like to go mountain climbing together on weekends?" "When is the next road race?" During the recent break, I often hear everyone "greeting" each other in the company. The seeds of sports seem to have spread, and colleagues who originally stayed at home have also been exaggerated, stepping out to start exercising. I used to think that I was tired from work, so I didn’t have the strength to exercise! After reading the experience shared by many colleagues in the newsletter, I think... why not try it too! Then I started jogging in my sneakers. Fix for half an hour every day, remove distracting thoughts, completely immerse yourself in exercise, and find the harmony between body and mind. At the invitation of a colleague, I joined the company's road running team and followed everyone on the various road running events. During the game, I tried to talk to myself to encourage myself to achieve the goals I set. 5 k, 10 k slowly progressive, and now it is easy to complete the half-horse challenge (21K). Exercise is actually very simple. There is no secret. The point is not which exercise you choose or where you exercise, but whether you take the first step and start exercising. In the most relaxing way, use your free time to enjoy the thrill of sweating and let yourself live healthier, why not do it? what are you waiting for? Start exercising today!

—Author:Mr. Jun-Jie, Li


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