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Everwide Newsletter No.262

Experiment § Method for quickly detecting foaming ratio

Customers often ask what is the expansion ratio of the foam material and what is the specific gravity after foaming. These issues must be considered from the specific gravity experiments (Refer to No. 160). Proportion=Weight/Volume. Assuming that the weight before and after foaming remains the same, Expansion ratio=Volume after foaming/Volume before foaming=Proportion before foaming/Proportion after foaming. As long as the change in specific gravity is measured, the volume expansion ratio can be calculated. The following simple and fast methods are for your reference: 1: Fixed volume: Use high-temperature resistant PP tanks (Figure 1); 2: Pressure: Simulate the ho- pressing process to provide a fixed pressure. Tinplate + C-type clamp (Figure 2). 3: Put different weights of foaming materials into the quality inspection tank for heating and curing, select the experiment group whose weight just fills the entire volume, then take slices of the upper, middle and lower parts to measure the average specific gravity after foaming, and calculate the volume expansion rate (Figure 3).

These data have a great value and can be used as a reference for adjusting parameters.

—Author: Mr. Rong-Xin,Lin


Activity § The second beach cleaning activity

The second beach cleaning activity was launched at the end of November. I was worried about being affected by the rain, but I did not expect to encounter cool weather. A colleague and their families participate fully in this event. Compared with the first beach cleaning in September, the garbage in the first event can be seen everywhere, but this time the amount of garbage has been significantly reduced. Although we have to go deep into the crevices of the rocks to pick up, it also makes us feel more fulfilled. At present, the beach we have adopted is much cleaner, leaving many discarded fishing nets, plastic sheets, and other large garbage. We have agreed that we will bring all the tools to clean up this large garbage next time. Seeing the beautiful sky on the way back, we feel that this journey is very meaningful. If you have the chance, join our beach cleaning team and work together for Taiwan. I believe that as long as we work hard, we can gradually restore the coast to its original beautiful appearance. The website of Global Adoption Beach also recorded our event. For details, please visit: :


Knowledge § About Phosphorus flame retardants

Phosphorus flame retardants have the advantages of low toxicity and low smoke emission when flame retardant, which is more environmentally friendly. However, there are many points to be careful when using the phosphorus system. Take the phosphorus inorganic system as an example: Red phosphorus not only has the problem of color dyeing, but also the problem of high temperature and high humidity producing phosphoric acid which affects electrical conductible degree, and ammonium polyphosphate have poor strength, which affects the fluidity of the resin. Phosphorus-based organic flame retardants will cause the polymer to soften and may migrate from the inside of the polymer to the outside. It is easy to hydrolyze under high temperature and humidity, and it is also easy to react with alkaline substances. In summary, the stability and flame retardant effect of phosphorous flame retardants are not as extensive as halogen systems, and the application and development of formulation are more difficult.


Living § Imperfection is also perfect

Before the trip, we always plan the itinerary carefully and look forward to a good trip. But unexpected situations during the journey are often nervous. In the autumn season, I originally thought I would meet the beauty of red maple and ginkgo, but when I first arrived in Akita, I met the unexpected first snow. The hotel reception staff told me that it is difficult for tourists from Tianwan to see the first snow, and always praised me for good luck. I didn’t expect it to be snowing the next morning, and the sub-zero weather was freezing. The cool autumn is instantly covered with white snow, and everyone sees the rumored tree frost. We are still looking forward to getting out of the world of snow -and enjoying the red and yellow scenery in autumn. The sudden heavy rain made us lost in the deep mountains because the mobile phone was not fast enough to locate and descend smoothly, but when we wandered around, we encountered a beautiful waterfall. Later, a Japanese enthusiastically took us down the mountain. We chatted in English and Japanese on the way. He smiled at our experience and told us in English “ Please believe this is the best arrangement God has for you”, maybe this is what God means, let us take a bit more and enjoy the trip. Life can‘t be perfect. We may walk a lot because we’re lost, but let’s take it easy, don’t complain, throw away negative influences, and calmly experience heaven’s arrangement. Maybe can see the amazing scenery when we turn a corner. An imperfect life may be harder, but only in this way can we be more perfect.

—Author: Miss. Heng-Rong, Li


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