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Everwide Newsletter No.265

Experiment § Transparent halogen-free flame retardant formula

Everwide developed a transparent halogen-free flame retardant formula JC042 in 2008, using acid anhydride as a curing agent, and curing at 120℃. We try to develop a formula that uses amines as curing agents and is cured at room temperature. The difficulty of this formula is that the flame retardant is easy to slow down the reaction speed, and the flame retardant is easy to absorb moisture and the flame retardant to precipitate. Figure 1 is the ideal appearance of the cured product, Figure 2 is the result of resin yellowing and flame-retardant precipitation on the oil surface. Figure 3 and Figure 4 show the phenomenon of cracking products dripping when the test piece burns. After some efforts, these shortcomings have been overcome. JD748 is a product that can be mixed with a dispenser, A:B=2:1, the viscosity is about 15000cps. It will gel in about 2 hours at room temperature and the surface will not absorb moisture or atomize. After a long time, it will not spit oil or frost, and there will be no drips when burning (Figure5、6). We think it is not easy to produce this product, are you interested in trying it?

—Author: Mr. Wei-Ting, Du


Activity § Cleaning building walls

We are in the Douliu Industrial Zone, often due to dust and suspended particles in the air, the external walls of the building attract dirt. So, every year, a cleaning company will be arranged to assist us in cleaning. Two female cleaning staff neatly put on raincoats in the drizzle and took the crane to start cleaning. Watching them climb up and down, climb to the height of the fifth floor without fear. After two and a half days of cleaning, the exterior wall of the building was much cleaner and brighter. The work is hard, especially when the schedule approaching the Lunar New Year is the busiest time for the cleaning staff, I would like to thank them for their hard work with this article. Seeing this, have you also started to plan a cleaning plan?


Knowledge § Principle of Compatibility Agent

The coupling agent promotes the bonding between inorganic and organic interfaces. A similar concept applied to organic materials is called compatibility agents, such as A-type plastic and B-type plastic are incompatible with each other, there will be a very obvious interface when mixed together, and the strength is not good. Sometimes a compatibility agent C can be found. Part of the structure will go to the A-type plastic or react with the structure of A, and the other part of the structure will be in the B-type plastic or react with the structure of A so that the strength of the interface can be improved. For example, certain epoxy-based polymers can react with the functional groups at the end of polyester polymers and act as compatibilizers for blending polyester plastics.


Living § We all have a dream

Today, my classmate told me the sad news that Mr. Zeng Guixiong a math tuition teacher in junior high school passed away. When I was in middle school, my family was very poor. Because my father failed in his business, he had to do odd jobs while doing resource recovery. This also caused me to give up tuition because I couldn’t afford the tuition. Because I didn’t go to class, the teacher rode to my house and asked me why I was absent. Mom explained that there was no money at home and there was no way to pay for tuition, I stood motionless, with a disappointed expression on my face. The teacher seemed to know that I was eager to learn, so he told my mother that I don’t have to pay tuition anymore. He would still send me envelopes every month but I didn’t need to put money in it. My mother was very embarrassed to thank her and didn’t pay the tuition for six months. Once discovered by other classmates, she yelled: “Lin Miaolin, you have no money in your envelope!” I felt very worried when she yelled. Later, the teacher asked me to stay after class. He knew that my self-esteem had been hurt. He said to me:“It’s okay. If you are afraid that your classmate will know, you can only put one or two hundred yuan. ” But my tuition fee was 600 yuan. So my mother put three hundred yuan, and this situation lasted for about a year. When my family’s financial situation got better, my mother put in 600 yuan. I was about to graduate from middle school. I worked hard to get admitted to National Ping-tung Girl’s Senior High School, Feng Chia University, and Jiao Tong University, and finally got a master’s degree. All thanks to the teacher’s help back then, he saved the education in my small town. The last time I saw my teacher was when I got married in October 2020 and I invited him to my wedding. Later, I went to his house to give gifts to the Mid-Autumn Festival but didn’t meet him. Whenever I encounter setbacks in my life, I think of the encouragement my teacher gave me. How to commemorate this past? I thought that the teacher graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Chengdu University, so I planned to contact the Office of the Mechanical Engineering and set up the “Chengdu University Mechanical Department 67 Alumni Teacher Zeng Guixiong Repayment Scholarship”, thank the teacher for my educational guidance with an annual amount of 100000 yuan. I think every teacher has dreams for students and they hope that students have good development. Every student has dreams about themselves and they hope that they can give full play to their strengths. I believe these dreams can constitute a cycle of an endless life.

—Author: Miss. Miao-Lin, Lin


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