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Everwide Newsletter No.287

Experiment § Development of confidentiality glue

In order to isolate them from interference of environmental factors, many electronic parts are often protected by resin. They often use processes such as packaging, entrapment, potting, etc. Sometimes parts are glued for confidentiality. Figure 1 is a case on the PCB board: Because chips have information of brands and models on them, in order to prevent competitors from snooping, manufacturers will add a layer of confidentiality glue on chips. Since confidentiality glue is closely adhered with chips, when competitors destroy confidentiality glue, chips will also be damaged (Figure 2). The evaluation method of the degree of confidentiality is to heat it with a high-temperature hot air gun and use a sharp chisel to remove it. The temperature gradually rises from 150°C to 250°C (Figure 3). Some resins soften quickly at high temperature, so they are peeled off easily; Some resins still have good thermal strength at high temperatures, so they will not detach from the PCB, and even cannot be separated by coking, which has a good confidentiality effect (Figure 4). However, the most technically difficult part is that the resin is cured at a low temperature (80-120°C/1hr), but requires high-temperature thermal strength. Since the test temperature is much higher than the Tg of the confidentiality glue, the resin has softened Therefore, how can we make the resin still have considerable hardness from a macroscopic point of view is the key to research and development. JC337-8 has passed the test and you are welcome to evaluate it.

─Author: Tzu-Hui, Huang


Activity § Annual external audit

The annual IATF16949:2016, ISO14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001 revision and recertification ISO 45001:2018 external audits were evaluated in September and November respectively. Furthermore, the end of the audit meeting means the beginning of improvement. The feedback given by the teacher is practiced in every corner of Everwide. Even if there are challenges but uphold the spirit of R&D and innovation, we are still moving forward step by step.


Knowledge § Using DEA to monitor polymer reactions

DEA can be used to measure the change in resistance of a material in an alternating electric field. The resistance of a material is contributed by both ion movement and dipole movement. The former is not affected by the frequency of the electric field, but the latter is affected. The resistance characteristic contributed by the former can be defined as ionic viscosity, which is directly related to the viscosity of the resin before gelation and the modulus of the resin after gelation. As long as DEA sticks electrodes on the surface of a material, it can measure the resin's process from liquid to fully cured in the same experiment. Other thermal analysis methods, such as DSC and DMA, are relatively troublesome in sampling and preparation of test strips, and they do not have the advantage of this full-time monitoring. For fine composite material manufacturing processes or bulky composite material production, DEA experiments are quite suitable for monitoring reactions. However, DEA cannot be used to replace DSC or DMA experiments. Thus the data between different instruments can be used to complement each other and have a deeper understanding of the material.


Living § Indonesia in my eyes

I had an opportunity to go to Indonesia as a volunteer, so I set foot on this land. Pervasive mosques, worship in a fixed direction several times a day, taking a bath several times a day, a prayer room in the airport, and the strong Islamic color, etc., constitute a vivid Indonesian scene. The food is mostly spicy and fried. At first, I worried that I might not get used to it. However, I gained 3 kilograms. This was all due to the high-end Indonesian fried food. High-end fried food is not only delicious. What surprised me was that the flame of the stove was not big, and it took time and effort to fry a bucket of food. My friend told me that only good oil and careful work can make delicious food. The elder sister who married to Taiwan at the age of 19 also told me that the same meal in Taiwan can't bring out the unique hometown flavor of Indonesia. On this trip, I met a older brother I knew before. He suffered a serious illness and his body was so thin that I could hardly recognize him. He shared his experience with me: Training and Hope. “Severe illnesses give people a deep training, which makes people discover the importance of hope and are more able to experience the suffering of others.” “Training is like a stone, and it has several effects: some people regard it as a stumbling block and kick it away, while others regard it as a stepping stone to broaden their horizons.” “Whether we can grow from training depends on how we look at it.” What the eldest brother said was like ancient wisdom, which is suitable for careful understanding over and over again. When I arrived at the new airport and was about to leave, I found that the building blended with tradition and liveliness. This is Indonesia in my eyes. You can come and see if you have the opportunity.

─Author: Yuan-Ju, Liao


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