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Everwide Newsletter No.290

Experiment § Insulation glue for touch screen

The touch panel has circuit printing and insulation paste printing. Insulation glue covers the wire (silver glue) to avoid any conductor contact with the circuit during the assembly process (Figure 1).In order to avoid poor insulation caused by holes in the insulating layer or insufficient film is usually printed twice (Figure 2) Insulating ink can be divided into baking type and UV type according to the difference of hardening conditions. The baking type contains a solvent and requires a heating process. There are also environmental concerns. The thickness of baking ink will decrease a lot after drying, and it is more suitable for waterproof and insulation protection. The solid content of UV type is 100%, the process is quick, easy and environmental friendly. It can provide thicker insulation protection and jumper fixing. For UV-type insulating ink products, the followings are required: high viscosity, good screen printing, high impedance, good water resistance, good adhesion to the substrate, etc. In addition, customers will measure the original conductivity of the silver wire (Figure 3) and the conductivity after covering the insulating layer (Figure 4). Sometimes certain components in the insulating layer will affect the conductive properties of the silver paste, that makes more challenge.

─Author: Mr. Wei-Lin, Zhang


Activity § Construction at the beginning of the year

We anticipate to expand the top floor of the second plant(Figure 1) into electrical analysis laboratory and combustion laboratory. We also completed the project of adding solar panels on dormitory roof. It can produce usable electricity to reduce carbon emissions and avoid the heat caused by sunlight. Lower Indoor temperature reduce the use of air conditioner (Figure 2, 3).Solar panels can drain rainwater to extend the service life of roof waterproofing. It is a multi-purpose facility!


Knowledge § Second generation of plastic

The second generation of polymers: polymer materials invented between 1950 and 1965. Compared with the first-generation "universal plastics" made into bags, barrels, plastic leather, etc., this generation has better mechanical strength, aging resistance, anti-creep, Tg, is widely used in the structural materials under stress, given the name "engineering plastics". Now the top five engineering plastics Nylon, PC, PET/PBT, PPO, POM are all products of this generation. These materials are used to manufacture furniture accessories, car lights, bottles, textile fibers, electrical appliances housings, gears, bearings, shaft seals, gaskets...etc. Compared with the first generation, the second generation of "engineering plastics" is stronger, more durable, and more reliable.


Living § Tokyo Tour

The first stop of Tokyo coincides with the Yokohama October Beer Festival. What's amazing is the "Celebrity Millennium" anchored in the port. Take a taxi back to the hotel and find the driver button controls the is different from Taiwan. The next day I went to St. Paul's Church and the team leader said it was listed as "DOCOMOMO 100", a modern building in Japan. Overnight at Karuizawa Chalet, known as "Little Switzerland". It is said that Emperor Akihito of Japan met Queen Michiko on the tennis court here. We also experienced Japanese culture: Daimonya's hand-painted Bodhidharma. Bodhidharma is a mascot that can realize wishes. Both eyes of the Bodhidharma are blank. When the wish is made, the left eye is drawn. When the wish is fulfilled, the right eye is drawn. The Bodhidharma is taken to the monastery and burned. Please return for the larger Bodhidharma, which means more auspiciousness. Then visit Kawagoe Edo, the buildings of the Taisho era and the clock stands on the street. it was founded by the lord Sakai( さかい ただよ)four hundred years ago. In the early days of Edo, the clock could time reporting. Although it was repeatedly damaged by fire, it has been continuously rebuilt. The century-old clock will ring four times a day, at 6 am 12 noon, 3 pm and 12 pm. With the changes of the times, the method of ringing bells changed from human to mechanized. What remains unchanged is that the bell is still a symbol of this place. This trip gives me a lots good memories.

─ Author: Ms. Wen-Lin, Zhao


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