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Everwide Newsletter No.293

Experiment § Abnormal analysis of AG

Anti Glare Film is abbreviated as anti-glare film, which is used in 3C industrial protective film applications to present a uniform light source and reduce the interference of light on the vision. When the customer applied the high-definition AG film, it was found that white spots appeared. We put it under the microscope to observe (Figure 1), the faint white area in the center of the red arrow in Figure 2 is glued to the AG surface (the black part is the ink of the strange pen, and the white dots are the diffusion particles). What puzzles us is how did this white area come about? Preliminary speculation may be impurities through the filter? However, Figure 2 shows that the area of ​​this phenomenon is not small, and impurities or colloidal particles are initially excluded. In order to observe its detailed structure, we used different angle microscopes to shoot. Observed from a 30-degree angle (Figure 3, 4), there is a layer of film attached to the AG film. Because AG can be seen on the bottom layer, and the middle seems to be hollow, it is judged to be a bubble based on experience. In order to verify the inference, we use the same formula and production process in the laboratory to stir the colloid under a high-speed rotating machine before coating. Sure enough, 1 or 2 identical abnormal white spots were found. After re-adjusting the formula and solvent, testing a new sample will solve this problem. Different applications and requirements are definitely the thrust of absorbing new knowledge and breakthroughs!

─Author: Mr. Can-Xian, Hong


Activity § New year and new atmosphere

After the lunar new year, a large number of raw materials began to enter the factory (Figure 1), and many products will soon be exported. We have a good start this year. Various departments have successively launched new activity plans: the first to appear is the quality policy advocacy and ERP system counseling meeting. The intern students are also reporting this week. I believe they will be able to grow when they are doing middle school in Everwide. We are also preparing a lot of activities to share with them (Figure 2, 3). After the Chinese New Year, it will be full of excitement, and this must be a good year.


Knowledge § What is BTX Free?

BTX is the abbreviation of Benzene 、Toluene and Xylene. They pollute the air and are toxic to the human body. BTX Free means that the chemical products do not contain these benzene substances. In the early days, these compounds were used as solvents, and they were widely used in the field of paint, which would volatilize into the air. At present, new products will avoid the use of such solvents, and even use water-based coatings, light-curing coatings, and high-solid coatings to reduce pollution. In addition to consciously adding BTX to products, some substances originally contain BTX. The most common example is gasoline, which is not completely removed during the refining process. At present, the benzene content of gasoline is below 1% by volume (10,000ppm). Toluene is also used in the process of epoxy resin to separate the salt in the oil phase and water phase of the resin, and then toluene is recovered by distillation. This process will allow the resin to contain tens of ppm traces of toluene. Some definitions of BTX Free are below 1,000 ppm. If it is defined as 0 checkouts, then there are too many things in the world, including cars, that have to be stopped.


Living § Worth traveling-New York

It happened that Jason was proficient in English, and it was nothing more than a good opportunity for me who was "Bad in English", so I decided to go to New York together. After eating three meals on the plane, watching three movies, and waking up three times from the dream, I was still in the air. I arrived at JFK Airport 15 hours later, and what I saw was a scene that I could only see in the album. I am like the hero of a movie, making my heart surging. Because of the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, everything is fresh, including school buses, the domineering police, and the century-old subway. New York must-have itinerary "Yankee Stadium". We looked for Wang Jianmin's signature ball in the memorial hall, thinking of his heroic appearance in the pitcher's hill. Although we are in high-consumption New York, Starbucks has the same price as Taiwan. This is the most cost-effective drink I think. New York Broadway is very famous, but I recommend the off-Broadway drama "Sleep no more". In total, the performance will be repeated three times in three hours.You can follow an actor to piece together the plot, and finally, there is a big ending for everyone to watch. It is very special. When in New York, it is inevitable to touch the "dan dan" of Wall Street's copper bull to increase wealth, take photos of Times Square and Rockefeller's million-night scenes, and take photos with the Statue of Liberty to become a free male god. After returning to Taiwan, I saw the related albums, and I still said excitedly: "I've been here!"

It is definitely worth recommending that you visit New York.

─Author: Mr Ting-An, Wu


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