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Everwide Newsletter No.294

Experiment § UV adhesive in the back cover of mobile phones

With the advent of 5G era, demetallization of the back cover of mobile phones has become a trend: The back cover made of glass has become the first choice for flagship models, and the plastic case seizes the market for low-end models. The plastic shell can create the appearance of imitation metal and glass through the innovation of the process. Plus, plastic material has light weight and low price, which has considerable advantages. There are two new processes for plastics– mirror process and graduated process. The structure of mirror imitation metal is shown in Figure 1, and Figure 2 is the composite film made by it. Figure 3 is a real mirror metal imitation back cover, partially enlarged image is shown in Figure 4. The structure of graduated imitation metal is shown in Figure 5, and Figure 6 is the composite film made by it. Figure 7 is the real product of gradient imitation metal back cover. These pictures show that the 3D texture and electroplating treatment in the composite film can make the plastic back cover look close to the metal. The 3D texture is made of 3D microstructures using acrylic UV resin to imprint. This UV adhesive needs to meet the following characteristics: 1. To be able to closely adhere to each layer; 2. Flexible and stretchable; 3.Chemical resistance; 4. Pass environmental tests such as high temperature and high humidity, thermal shock, etc. The UV adhesive we are developing is being certified, I believe that in the near future, our products will also hide in a dazzling mobile phone!

—Author: Yeh-Ling


Activity § Talent recruitment process

Everwide’s interview is divided into three stages. First, we refer to the written document to assess whether the candidate meets the needs of the job, and then enter the first stage: first invitation and written test. We will introduce the operation of each unit, company's philosophy and values, trying to let candidates understand Everwide. If the candidate has the will, then enter the second stage: cross-departmental interview. We invite colleagues from different departments to interview candidates and evaluate whether they are suitable to be new members of the team. The third stage is the final interview with senior executives, confirming each other's communication is clear and effective. Although the process is very lengthy and hard, we still maintain this way, because misunderstandings will cause great losses to both parties.


Knowledge § Does resin with multifunctional group react faster?

Polymer polymerization is carried out by functional groups, and raw materials are often classified by the number of functional groups: A molecule with 1 functional group is called mono-functional group; a molecule with 2 functional groups is called bi-functional group; a molecule with more than 2 functional groups is called multi-functional group. Regardless of mono-functional group or multi-functional group, as long as it is the same functional group, the reactivity is almost the same; the curve of reaction rate and time is not much different, which can be confirmed by instrumental analysis. However, in application, it is often felt that multi-functional resin reacts faster. This is because multi-functional resin reaches the gel point at very low reaction rate, forming a preliminary network structure; At the same reaction rate, bi-functional resin cannot cross-link, so it can flow. Gelation of bi-functional resin requires a higher reaction rate than multi-functional resin, so it seems slower.


Living § Accidental things

I took the MRT a few days ago. After the MRT arrived at the station, the lady sitting opposite me got up and got out of the car, leaving a blood stain of about ten yuan size on the chair: obviously, it was menstrual blood. I quickly took a piece of toilet paper, dipped in mineral water and wiped the blood stain. Yesterday, an old gentleman held four or five books and a red bag on the bus, and squeezed into the crowd. When getting off the bus, he was very panicked as a book fell on the ground. I squatted down to pick it up and quickly put it in his hand. I saw him shouted several times while hurrying to get out of the bus, "Thank you! Thank you!" My son participated in mountaineering activities a few days ago, and the member of the group lost his mobile phone nearby the Sun Moon Lake. While anxious, they encountered five girls riding bicycles and holding his mobile phone to find the owner. Our society is full of these moving stories.

—Author: Su-Hui, Chen


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