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Everwide newsletter No.29

New Equipment § Rheometer (1)

Everwide Chemical currently has four Brookfield viscometers for measuring the viscosity of resin formulations. The Brookfield viscometer uses the fluid resistance encountered by the rotor at a specific speed to convert the viscosity of the resin. In other words, the viscosity obtained by this method must reflect the situation under a specific force field. There are many applications that cannot be simulated with a Brookfield viscometer. For example, when the resin is flowing at a very high speed or the viscosity at rest. Everwide Chemical recently purchased a Brookfield viscometer (AR 2000ex Rheometer) to enhance its analytical capabilities. The rheometer has three analysis modes, namely steady-state, transient state, and dynamic state. The viscosity curve obtained in steady-state mode is similar to that of a Brookfield viscometer, in that it uses the fluid resistance encountered by the parallel plates at a specific rotational speed to convert the viscosity of the resin. However, the force field range that a rheometer can provide is much larger than that of a rotational viscometer. The rheometer can simulate the influence of the slow change of the fluid by gravity, and can also simulate the viscosity of the paint during high-speed spraying, which is closer to the actual application situation than the general viscometer.

─Author: Dr. Ming-Xu, Li, Everwide Chemical


Character § Use professionalism and enthusiasm to create a bright future(2)

Mrs. Ming-Xu, Li is a Ph.D. from the Institute of Chemical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University. Specialties: Epoxy Resins - Thermally Conductive Adhesives/Pastes. Affiliated laboratory: Lab-3.

[Leader of foresight] As early as the end of 1998, he began to study chemical resins, which is also the wisest choice made by Li Ming-Xu in that year. So at the time, I was optimistic about the future competitiveness of light-curable resins and epoxy resins, and I felt that the earlier the investment, the more rewarding it would be!” Foresight, let Li Ming-Xu's wish come true. With the selfless contribution of the elites of Yongkuan Chemical, in recent years, Yongkuan Chemical has gradually emerged from a nobody and can be on an equal footing with other well-known resin companies, attracting more and more large-scale cooperation companies, and the unstoppable momentum has swept the entire chemical industry. It also drives the irreplaceable professional value of resin talents. Because of his foresight and daring to create a future for himself, Li Ming-Xu has used his years of hard-earned experience in Everwide Chemical to steadily and steadily establish his unshakable professional status in the field of chemical resins in the future. In him, we see a real embodiment of establishing the future direction early and accelerating the pace of personal success. [Insist on what you have learned to be useful] "Fully cross-application of work and study" was the main purpose of Li Ming-Xu's insistence that the field of study should be related to chemistry. Adhere to what you have learned and use it. In addition to the application of theory, practical work experience is indispensable. [Technology always comes from human nature] "People live by "meaning", and when the technology I research can be closely integrated with people's lives, all efforts will become very meaningful. Cold technology and academic theory also shine at this moment. Through this process, I can thoroughly integrate learning, chemical technology, a sense of achievement, and the value of survival, learn happily every day, and then carry forward the technology. Although the learning process of many technologies is not as smooth and happy as imagined, I believe that due to the struggle of the original intention, although the process is somewhat unsatisfactory, at the end, when success is achieved, everything will turn into a happy episode. " [His big dream and small happiness] "Don't be afraid of hardship, as long as it is difficult for half a lifetime. Afraid of hardship, hardship for a lifetime." Li Ming-Xu chose the former, "You have to work hard when you are young, you don't have to suffer for a lifetime. But you also need to know how to get out when it’s time to leave and take the time to do what you want to do. He plans to work hard in the field of chemistry in the first half of his life, and travel and eat all over Taiwan in the second half of his life. His travel dream is actually not difficult to achieve, but he knows that he must first do what he needs to do before he can have his own little happiness.

─Author: Information Commissioner Mrs. Wen-Zheng, Zeng, Everwide Chemical


Knowledge § What is the function of infrared spectroscopy?

Infrared light refers to electromagnetic waves with a wavelength in the range of 2.5 to 25 microns, and its energy is sufficient to cause the vibration of molecular chemical bonds. Due to the difference in bond energy, the specific wavelengths absorbed by chemical bonds are also different. We can use the Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR) to obtain infrared spectra, and based on the characteristics of the spectra, we can compare known and unknown substances, identify molecular structures, chemical reaction tracking control, and mixture composition ratio analysis.


Product introduction § GM344-1

GM344-1 can make your product have a good response curve at high power and flat frequency, and emit high-quality polyphonic ringtones, taking into account the needs of modern multimedia products for sound quality, power, and size. This product is suitable for the most advanced information, communication equipment, and contemporary popular polyphonic ringtone mobile phones and multimedia products. This product is also suitable for high-quality electro-acoustic components, such as sirens, miniature speakers, speaker speakers, microphones, etc.


Living § Exhibiting with Cape Seven

The exhibition itself is the result of gathering many company resources and colleagues' opinions, and communicating and interacting with each other. Communication is an extremely important but difficult art course in group operations. In Cape No. 7, Ajia was very individual during practice. He would slap other members, and some would smash the glass with high heels, and then fell drunk at the door of Ajia's house, crying that he was just doing what he should do. They do not shy away from the sparks of conflict, and in the end, they all cultivated different revolutionary emotions and ended happily. However, in a more complex situation in the workplace, which approach should be taken? Roundabout way? or conflict? In the field of bizarre contradictions, when there are expected obstacles and conflict points, would you choose a more euphemistic way? Or do not shy away from the collision of conflict? During the exhibition in Suzhou, we encountered many people who were working alone in the local area, but their family members were in the other villages. When the town representatives in the movie looked at the Pacific Ocean and sighed that this beautiful ocean could not allow the younger generation to return to their hometowns for employment, I think there are thousands of elders on this island who are holding the same feeling! Fortunately, there are many companies like Everwide Chemical, which do not blindly pursue low labor costs or hire foreign laborers but use upgrading technology to cope with competition and create local employment opportunities. I believe that after the storm, the vines of these sweet potatoes will still maintain their vigorous vitality and continue to flourish.

─Author: Business Director Mrs. Wen-Chao, Shi, Everwide Chemical

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