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Everwide Newsletter No.300

Experiment § FTIR application

We can use Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR, Figure 1) to obtain infrared spectrum. Its principle is to use infrared light with different wavelengths to penetrate samples and detect the proportion of absorption. The preparation of test pieces to be analyzed is related to the type of samples: liquid can be directly smeared on the KBr salt tablet (Figure 2); The solid needs to be crushed, and put it into the fixture together with KBr powder to make ingots (Figure 3); ATR (Attenuated Total Reflection) can also be used to directly observe solid samples (Figure 4). Figure 5 is a spectrum of epoxy resin and curing agent immediately after mixing. Since different structures have specific absorption at different wavelengths, we can perform following works according to the spectrum: (1) Identify functional groups of molecules. For example, the signal of 3100cm-1 belongs to aromatic; (2) Tracking control of chemical reactions. For example, epoxy group of 910cm-1 will gradually shrink as the reaction increases; (3) Proportion analysis of the composition of the mixture. For example, indexes a and b belong to resin and curing agent respectively, their relative size is related to a specific ratio; (4) Comparison of known and unknown. By comparing the known and unknown maps, you can find out the composition of the unknown and even mapping out it completely. Infrared spectroscopy is a good analysis tool. You are welcome to learn more and see what else we can do.

─Author: Ming-Hsiu, Lai


Activity § Changes in the times

There is a saying: Technology always comes from human nature. Many convenient tools were invented to solve people's problems. For example, handling. Wrong posture can easily cause injury; correct posture can't avoid being exhausted. In order to improve this situation, we bought a labor-saving handling machine to reduce the load of a large amount of handling this year. The handling machine uses a vacuum suction cup to fix the goods (Figure 1). As long as we easily operate the handle (Figure 2), we can transfer the goods to the appropriate position (Figure 3). In the past, “work hard” was emphasized; modern technology allows us to “work smart”; now, Everwide hope everyone can “work happy”.


Knowledge § High viscosity UV adhesive has better surface dryness

After acrylic UV adhesive is exposed, its surface often suffers from poor drying and sticky feeling. This is because free radicals of curing reaction will react with oxygen and then the reaction stops. The solution can be divided into two main directions: 1. Block oxygen to prevent it from contacting the UV surface; 2. Reduce the diffusion rate of oxygen on the resin surface. Since the diffusion rate of gas in liquid is related to the viscosity of the liquid. Therefore, the diffusion rate of oxygen in high-viscosity UV adhesive is low, so the surface dryness of cured product is better. What’s more, other methods, such as adjusting wavelength and energy of light source and changing the composition of resin initiator and monomer, are also to quickly increase the molecular weight of the surface to reduce the rate of oxygen diffusion to solve the problem.


Living § Congratulations on the 300th issue of Thriving!

This number represents that we have written 300 experiment reports, 300 knowledge exchanges, 300 company activities and shared 300 stories in the past 12 years. When we first started editing Thriving, we felt fresh. This was “creative”. It was only after editing the 100th issue that we determined what format was suitable for this publication. This is called “experience”. Till the 200th issue, we were thinking about what value Thriving can offer? This is called “mission”. Till the 300th issue, even if we are too busy, we must publish it regularly. This is called “persistent”. Thriving insists on publishing every two weeks, and there is almost no record of delay. When we were designing the masthead for Thriving, we planned to use English words that can show our hard work and spirit. We inadvertently found the word THRIVING in the dictionary, which means rich, prosperous, and progressive. It sounds good and energetic, so it became our masthead. We sincerely hope that this small publication under the name of THRIVING can bring each other some surprises every two weeks, and enrich, prosper and improve our lives. We have been walking like this for 12 years, and we have to keep going., However we cannot go without your accompany. Thus, let us continue to move forward together, will you?

─Author: Ming-Hsu, Li


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