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Everwide Newsletter No.302

Experiment § Anti-fog film test

The 241st issue bi-weekly report once reported anti-fog film. The anti-fog film uses a hydrophilic formula to achieve anti-fog effect. Figure 1-3 show anti-fog film using steam from face steamer for testing. There is an anti-fog treatment area on the top, and the vapor will be absorbed by the hydrophilic formula in the early stage of the test, so no water droplets will condense on the film (Figure 1). With the increase of time, moisture exceeds the range that coating on the film can absorb, so thick water film and large droplets begin to form (Figure 2-3). The anti-fog film is placed in an environment with a temperature of 85°C and a humidity of 85% for 1000 hours, and it still has good anti-fog effect (Figure 4, the bottom of the cup is hot water); However, after continuously absorbing steam and reaching saturation, steam will condense into droplets (Figure 5), and finally become a very thick water film, and the water drops drip (Figure 6). The experiment shows that the anti-fog film still has its scope of application, and it has good effect in general applications. If water absorption limit of coating is exceeded, droplets will condense on the surface and become a normal physical phenomenon.

─Author: Tsan-Hsien, Hung


Activity § Charity baseball game

The Huashan Social Welfare Foundation has been hosting the charity baseball game for the elderly for many years in a row. This time we bought 200 tickets for our colleagues who like to watch baseball game, as well as the middle school and elementary school kids who love baseball. On the day of the event, there were lots of people inside and outside the stadium. The organizers invited folk dance group to perform, and the excitement was very lively. Besides celebrity baseball players, seniors who are sponsored were also invited to participate.


Knowledge § Is there a stabilizer for epoxy resin?

Most one-component epoxy resin formulations are made by mixing curing agent powder into liquid resin. These powders will quickly dissolve into resin at a specific temperature and undergo curing reaction. Furthermore, these powders will also slowly dissolve into resin at room temperature, causing the viscosity to change, but at a slower speed. A stabilizer can be added to completely prevent this phenomenon. Because molecules of stabilizer will react quickly with the surface of curing agent to form a thin shell, which prevents the resin from dissolving powder to achieve a stable effect. Plus, this structure also makes curing agent dissolve into resin slower at high temperature, affecting the reaction rate. In terms of practical application, the use of stabilizers must take into account both stability and reactivity, which is usually around 1%.


Living § Vegetarian

I have been a vegetarian for five years since 2014. It is generally believed in Taiwan that vegetarianism is usually closely related to religion, deity, or health, but these are not the reasons that prompted me to become vegetarian. I started to be a vegetarian when I was in college. The professor played a very moving video in the classroom, and then I decided to become a vegetarian. Please click the link to watch it. The general public's impression of vegetarian food is not nutritious and unhealthy, but after nearly 5 years of verification by myself, I can share it with everyone out loud: vegetarian food can also be eaten healthy. In addition to health, I also pay attention to body shape and posture, so I started to go to the gym. Even though I was sweating buckets during weight training, and the weight of the equipment in my hand made me unbearable for several times, it was all worth when seeing the change of posture. Whether eating vegetarian meals or fitness, we can become our own carver. Only by taking action can we start to change.

─Author: Chih-Sheng, Yu


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