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Everwide Newsletter No.315

Experiment § Low viscosity moisture curing adhesive for electronics

Recently, customers have been asking if there are moisture-hardening products with low viscosity. We usually promote the transparent version of FS0665 with a viscosity about 8000 cps. However, for some customers, this viscosity is still too high to meet its manufacturing process.Why are there no low viscosity products on the market? The reason is that low viscosity components usually reduce the mechanical properties and adhesion of the adhesive, so it is difficult to achieve both low viscosity and was a break through that we can maintain certain mechanical properties and shear tension under reduced viscosity (about 2000 cps). The product numbers are FS191 with tin catalyst and FS132-23 without tin catalyst. Figure 1 is a comparison of the shear tension of FS191, FS132-23 and FS0665. Figure 2 compares the tensile strength of PC test pieces in a short time. Figure 3 compares the tensile strength of metal to plastic.In order to meet the different dispensing methods of more customers, we have introduced 30ml hose packaging, which can be applied to the attachment and assembly of small parts (Figure 4). At present, FS191 will have yellowing after a long time release, but it does not affect its subsequent force; we have begun to improve this yellowing phenomenon (Figure 5), and at the same time improve its ability to adhere to ABS.

─ Author: Yu-Siang, Cheng


Activity § Health is priceless

Employees spend more than one-third of their time in the workplace, so ensuring safety and health is important. We regularly provide on-site health services with special nurses and professional physicians (Figure 1). All employees have physical examinations every year, and regularly organize health education lectures with different topics to increase health knowledge, such as cancer prevention and screening, anti-stress, etc. (Figure 2, 3). In addition, we also participate in outdoor activities such as public welfare road running. Prevention is better than cure. If you want to have a strong body, you need to accumulate bit by bit every day. You should have balanced diet, develop good exercise habits and do regular health checks on a daily basis. Let us move and embrace a healthy life!


Knowledge § Si-O bond- high dipole moment; Silicone- low polarity

Dipole moment of chemical bonds is usually high, which means that the charge is unevenly distributed between two atoms. One atom is partially positively charged, and the other atom is partially negatively charged, making molecule more polar. However, due to large volume of Si atoms in Silicone, polymer arrangement of Silicone appears as a helical arrangement. This structure causes dipole moments in molecules to have no common direction, and dipole moments in different directions will Cancel each other out, so Silicone material looks like low-polarity molecules.


Living § 10th FilmTech JAPAN - Highly-functional Film Expo

The exhibition date was from December 4 to 6, 2019. On the morning of the 3rd, I rushed to the venue early and carefully arranged our booth. The theme of our exhibits were resins for MS, epoxy and PP bonding. Colleagues in this trip had their own responsibilities: My task was to participate in 12 special speeches in three days. I had to collect valuable information on speeches and returned to our booth during empty time. Because the venue was too big and the time already came to the next speech, I couldn't returned to the booth, so I had to back to speech immediately. After these three days, I repeated this loop many times, just as urgently as a march. While standing at the booth, I encountered professional consultations and problems in various industries. At the moment, I suddenly recalled what boss said, “People who will come to the exhibition and consultation will only if they encounter problems that cannot be solved." Therefore, I always be patient and answer as many questions as possible, hoping for continued cooperation. this time, the exhibition continued to let the world know Everwide, and also learned about the current and future application needs. Finally, let me encourage colleagues with the words of the boss. It is necessary to participate in international exhibitions. It is mainly to understand the research directions and themes of each company.

─ Author: Jia-Xing, Wu


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