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Everwide Newsletter No.319

Experiment § High temperature resistant MS adhesive

A customer asked about the highest temperature range of FS series. It is generally recommended that short-term applications below 120°C can be tolerated, but long-term applications at 120~150°C are not recommended. However, we improved the formula so that the FS series can have higher temperature resistance, such as FS197. (Figure1) is a comparison of the shear strength of the original FS115 and the improved FS197 at 120°C within three months. The shear strength of the FS115 declines significantly after one month and the FS197 still retains certain shear strength. . (Figure2) shows the shear strength of FS197 aluminum sheet within three months at 150°C. Even after three months, it still maintains good shear strength. This test result is a major breakthrough for the FS series. (Figure3) shows that the FS197 has well shear strength for different materials without heat aging test. However, it should be noted that the current design is only suitable for the use of adhesives. If this product is used for the sealant that the gel needs to be exposed, there will be deterioration (Figure 4, 5). However, we are developing high temperature resistant sealant, and interested customers are welcome to contact us!

─Author: Yu-Hsiang, Cheng


Activity § Our new website

Customers report that our old website is not convenient enough and finding information is time-consuming, so we refer to domestic and foreign websites, combine the company's cultural elements, pay attention to the beauty of design, and launch a new one. The home page clearly shows the two major blocks of "product" and "technology": the former focuses on the existing things, and the latter provides information to cooperate with the development. There is also a "fast track" on the homepage, let us contact you directly, and save you the hard work of searching. Figures 1 and 2 are the homepages of the new website and the old one, do you have a different feeling? Want to visit our new website for a surprise trip? Please click the link


Knowledge § How to overcome the deep curing of moisture hardening products?

The single-liquid moisture-curing silicone rubber (RTV1) will make it difficult for moisture to penetrate after the surface layer is hardened, resulting in poor deep curing ability. For applications over 5mm, it is safer to use fractional infusion. Another option is to use two-liquid type silicone rubber: addition molding will be poisoned by the catalyst on the work piece, resulting in inability to harden. Some applications may consider condensation type two-liquid silicone rubber, adopting moisture-hardening reaction mechanism. The source of moisture does not depend on air, but on the moisture of the resin itself, so that the problem of depth can be overcome. Take the standard product as an example: at a depth of 5mm, it can be completely hardened in 1 day. At a depth of 20mm, the surface will solidify and the bottom will not dry. It needs to stand for 2-3 days to completely harden. If a small amount of water is added during the mixing process, the hydrolysis reaction can also be promoted, and the overall reaction can be accelerated, reducing the curing speed from 3 day to 1 day.


Living § Bake with “hearts”

In recent years, I have become hooked on the fun of making snacks by myself. I found that the steps of making snacks are similar to the company's production process. If there are errors in the production process, the structure of the holes in the cake is different, and it may become a poorly delicious finished product. Recipes on the Internet are readily available, but for my reference only, I often need to make adjustments based on experience. Making snacks is my interest. Although the production process is cumbersome, it makes me feel happy and relaxing. Especially at the year-end conferences in recent years, I will bring my hand-made desserts to share with colleagues and send my care and gratitude to them. Making snacks has multiple meanings for me. This is also the driving force to me even after being tired after get off work. In daily life, if we got something we love to do, that would be wonderful!

─Author: Ya-Yen, Chen


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