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Everwide Newsletter No.324

Experiment § PP bonding adhesive for anti-sag

For the common acrylic adhesives, after applying the glue on the PP test piece, it occurs the glue sagging on a vertically standing plate in the low viscosity adhesive and thixotropic (Figure 1,2). We have developed the anti-sagging acrylic adhesives that it exhibits good adhesion with the thermoplastic polyolefin, especially Polypropylene substrate (Figure 3). We applyed KA003 adhesion without primer coating on PP substrate at room temperature (Figure 4). Most of the test sample wasn't destroyed in the adhesive area while it produced the whitening phenomenon on the PP substrate, due to this acrylic adhesive exhibits excellent adhesion strength in the tensile test (Figure 5,6). This product doesn’t need primer coating and easy for using which average adhesion strength up to 43 Kgf/cm2.This result explained that this anti-sagging adhesion strength is greater than PP substrate. We keep developing in this type acrylic adhesive for different substrates. Please let us know if you are interested.

─Author:Ms. Zhi-Yu, Fan


Activity § Pay it forward

Taiwan agricultural products have been selling all over the world, but the export has been blocked recently due to the COVID-19. Therefore, in order to support Taiwan’s agriculture, we have purchased guavas to share with our colleagues (Figure1,2). We also invited our colleagues to buy goods which is made by mentally handicapped people for Mother's Day this year. It has a special meaning because not only giving gifts but also helping others. These people must do a lot of practice to make these exquisite potted plants, lovely flower baskets and handmade flowers(Figure 3, 4). For more information, please click on the link this website . Charity is the form of the virtues. It gives warmth to others and let people feel joy and happiness. Most important it can add value and meaning of your life.


Knowledge § Two types of hardeners :2. Anhydrides

Another kind of hardener used in large amount is anhydride hardener. It has a large ratio of resin, low viscosity, long working hours, slow reaction times, small reaction exotherms, and requires heat curing. The anhydride hardener can be added a large amount of inorganic powder to reduce the shrinkage and stress of the hardener, which is suitable for potting of motors and electrical devices. The transparent and colorless formulations are widely used in LED encapsulation. In addition to the two major types of amine and anhydride hardeners, there are different types of hardeners:Tertiary amines in the resin can provide epoxy resins to polymerize. Tertiary amines can react with thiols & epoxy resins, and phenolic resins & epoxy resins. Cationic initiators can provide epoxy resins to be cured or heat curing... etc.


Living § Book sharing

During the internship at Everwide company, the company provided three good books for us to read. My favorite one is "Is your job still exist after 3 years?" That impressed me effect of technological changes (Figure 1). "Mobile phones" are the most direct proof. In my childhood, they were just like machines that could talk on the phone and send messages. When I was junior high school student, the press was disappeared and became touch devices. In the twinkling of an eye, mobile phones have multiple functions such as network, video chat, camera and entertainment,etc. It makes life easier and more convenient for consumers around the world. I used to think why developers would upgrade their phones to such a smart level? Do I have a proven ability to create more convenience for people? Whether it can be done or not, I hope I will go all out. When I was a little girl, my teacher said, "The world is big, go and see all you possibly can." No one knows about the professional knowledge we have, can be used for five years, ten years, or a lifetime? Therefore, we must remain open to learning all the time. Finally, I would like to thank Everwide for teaching us a lot of knowledge, such as: equipment testing and product packaging skills (Figure 2, 3). Furthermore, these valuable and practical experience are importance of responsibility and proactive problem solving. In the near future, I would enter a career field and start my life journey. Although the future is still unknown, it's important to stay positive and work on interesting new projects. Sharing this book with your. If you are interested, please take a look!

─Author: Ms. Yu-Min, You


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