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Everwide Newsletter No.326

Experiment § Anti-fog goggles and anti-fog face shields

Everwide has been developed anti-fog films for many years and is committed to developing anti-fog adhesives. The product test is cover the test piece on 80℃ hot water beaker with no fogging on the surface for ten to fifteen minutes; Alcohol resistance test with load of 200g, drip alcohol on the anti-fog sheet, and wipe with dust-free cloth 100 times, still has excellent anti-fog effect (Figure 1 to 3). The advantages of applying this adhesive for mask (Figure 4) and goggles (Figure 5): 1. Good fog resistance; 2. Good wiping resistance of alcohol, it can be reused after alcohol disinfection; 3. High transparency and clarity, it can prevent liquid splashing; 4. Adopt UV solvent-free environmental protection process, which has disinfection effect after being irradiated by ultraviolet machine; 5. Product has obtained CE, FDA, SGS, EN166, ANSI Z87.1 certification. Long acting anti-fog goggles can withstand high temperature and humidity of 85℃/85%RH for 500 hours, low temperature resistance of -40℃ for more than 250 hours, and abrasion resistance of more than 5000 times. For more information please click links. If you are interested, please contact us.

─Author: Yu-Ju, Fan


Activity § Photography contest

Recently, We held a photo contest and the theme about the spring of the company. The purpose of this activity is want to records the beautiful moments in Everwide and increase the connection and interaction between the colleagues. After fierce competition, colleagues voted for three best photos (Figure 1 to 3). Finally, we thank our colleagues for their enthusiastic participation and coordinator's help, also congratulations to the winners.(Figure 4).


Knowledge § Does surface treatment necessarily improve the bonding?

Use adhesive to bonding the adherend. After the test piece is destroyed, it can be divided into two situations. One is that adhesive is separated from adherend, and there is no adhesive remaining on the surface of adherend. This situation is called adhesive failure; The other situation is that adhesive break by itself, and there is adhesive remaining on the surface of the adherend. This situation is called cohesive failure. When the adhesion failed, we can perform surface treatment on the adherend, which can improve the adhesion strength.


Living § Back to nature

I’m so happy to had the opportunity to go Hehuan North Peak hiking when I just joined Everwide. We set off from the company by bus in the middle of the night. The scenery along the way is beautiful and everyone in the bus is very happy. About three hours later, we arrived the mountain entrance of Hehuan North Peak. We sorted out the equipment and set off, the air in the mountain is very thin and there is surrounded by the trees, my emotions gradually became excited. At first, the trail was stairway, but one third of the trail, there are many different sizes stones appeared, so we need to tread carefully. My energy is quickly consumed because of the low temperature and constant walking, but fortunately, the beautiful scenery gave me the power to continue. Suddenly thick fog blurred vision and it makes me nervous. Finally, we arrived the summit of the mountain with efforts, and that moment was really joyful. Life is like climbing a mountain, and there will be many different difficult on the road, although it makes you feel exhausted, we still look forward the beautiful scenery after crossing the mountains. Be brave to leave the comfort zone and never give up, it can make you to be a better person.

─Author: Mr. Bing-Cheng, Xu


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