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Everwide Newsletter No.331

Experiment § Nylon treatment agent

Polyamide, also known as nylon, is widely used in many industries, including furniture, automobiles, medical treatment, and sports equipment therapy... (Figure 1). Nylon has the characteristics of high abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and high toughness. Because nylon is a crystalline thermoplastic, it is difficult to bond with other substrates. To enhance the bonding strength, the processing is required, sandblasting, plasma treatment, or solvent swelling are commonly used. These methods will make the process cumbersome and inconvenient, so we developed a solvent-based primer NF885. This product has several features: (1) Convenience of operation: After brushing or impregnation, it can quickly dry on the surface and does not stick to hands (Figure 2-3); (2) Long timeliness: Still have good bonding strength for one month after coating (3) Improve the adhesion: the nylon sheet is processed by NF885 and then bonded with the fiber prepreg. After curing and molding, the material can reach fracture (Figure 4-5). Welcome to contact us if you are interested.

─Author: Mr. Wangen, Pan


Activity § Work overtime together

The customer suddenly placed a large order and had to deliver it in a brief time. The manufacturing department is too occupied, what should we do at this time? After the distress signal was issued, departments such as research and development, sales, quality assurance, management... and so on all responded. In total, more than 40 colleagues signed up to work overtime. After the semi-finished product was pushed into the door, everyone was grouped and positioned, some were cleaning, some were labeling, some were packaging... Work makes people excited, and everyone moves faster and faster; the sales department bought everyone a drink, which stimulates higher morale. Originally, the manufacturing department was worried that it would have to do many days of work, but everyone gathered their firepower and finished it in half a day. When works were all finished, a research and development colleague said: Work at the manufacturing department help me forget what was troublesome, so make sure to call me next time when work overtime is need(Figure 1-5).


Knowledge § Will the photoinitiator volatilize?

Many free-radical photoinitiators have low molecular weights, and some still left in the cured product after exposure, causing the coating skin to have a smell. Usually, choosing high molecular weight photoinitiators can be greatly improve. The cationic photoinitiators are all salts, and the molecular weight is relatively large, so there is no problem of volatilization. This photoinitiator will decompose when exposed to light. Some fragments have a low molecular weight, and sometimes a very small amount of volatile matter is generated. Sometimes these fragments are prohibited and restricted substances, such as benzene, which requires attention.


Living § First step

If you are hungry you need to eat, but if your brain is hungry, you need to eat a book? Reading books and learning new knowledge are my hobbies because it gives me great satisfaction. I enrolled in an English class six months ago. Why did I have this idea? It all starts at a meeting, the seniors mentioned that Everwide will further develop the Southeast Asian market, so in the future, he will frequently contact with foreign customers in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. In addition to English, it would be a great advantage to learn other languages. After the meeting, I immediately inquired about these language-related learning resources, but unfortunately, the teaching centers or tutors of the South Asian language department are generally focused in the north. Due to the problem of distance, I decided to hold back and start with the English, which I am more familiar with and abundant resources. Therefore, I enrolled in a two-year English class. After half a year of study, I will soon finish the first semester. Here I would like to share with you an English word that I was impressed and found very interesting, "Metamorphosis". It is a biology and psychology term. It means the process by which caterpillars evolve from emergence to butterflies. Caterpillars need to undergo the arduous transformation and the courage to emerge from their cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly. Just like the path of human growth, we also need to go through the training process again and again. Although there will be difficulties, frustrations, and thoughts of giving up on the way, we cannot have the ability to spread our wings and soar without these processes. The Confucius said: "It is indeed a pleasure to acquire knowledge and, as you go on acquiring, to put into practice what you have acquired " By taking the step of learning, I realized how difficult it is to "learn", but I am pleased that after practicing, my listening has improved! Even if there is still a long journey from success, I will persevere and make continuous progress.

─Author: Mr. Jing-Jie, Sheng


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