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Everwide Newsletter No.334

Experiment § Optical anti-glare improvement

The optical anti-glare film previously developed by the customer uses particle-containing UV adhesive, mixed with a fixed proportion of solvent, and then coated on the machine. Since the mixing ratio is fixed, the haze on the optical film is also fixed (Figure 1). Customers want to adjust the haze, so we developed a formula that can adjust the number of particles to present AG film with different haze. We used an optical microscope to photograph the distribution of particles before and after the improvement (Figure 2, 3). The problem encountered with this formulation is how to store the particles in a solvent without hard precipitation, but also to maintain stability during coating. First of all, make adjustments from the formula, including setting the particle size, selecting solvent-resistant particles, adjusting the hardness of the AG glue formula... etc., and meeting customer requirements for wear resistance. After the laboratory has determined the formula, there are still some details to be adjusted during mass production. For example, the customer produces optical films with a length of meters. After the coating production time is extended, the haze should not change too much and consider whether there are black and white lines in MD (horizontal machine direction) and TD (vertical machine direction). We all need to overcome these anomalies. After two years of continuous improvement, we finally meet the customer requirements. At this stage, it has been mass-produced three times, and the coating haze stability is still normal after 5 months of storage.

—Author: Mr. Tsan-Hsien, Hung


Activity § What happened in September

The "Learning Youth" course has been held for several sessions, and the Learning Youth 3 has been launched recently. The theme is "Self, Me in the crowd, Beyond myself" Through activities, we can get to know ourselves, learn time management, improve work planning, analyze and improve skills when encountering problems, and discover how you are in the organization and become an independent Everwide's person (Picture 1, 2). This year's IATF16949 external audit has been completed. According to the auditor's improvement suggestions, we will discuss the improvement plan together and implement it. (Figure 3-5).


Knowledge § The attention of Structural failure(2)

"Structural failure" is not only related to the strength of the material but sometimes also to the subsequent design. It is reported that if the bonding between the steel plates is fixed with screws or spot welding, the bonding strength will be greatly improved, and the cohesive failure of the adhesive will be transformed into material failure. In some cases, the adhesive changes the material's properties to be bonded, thereby causing material damage. For example, the PC is eroded by the adhesive and cracks appear, so the material is easily broken. Another example is that the instant glue will invade the rubber material, make the contact position between the rubber and the instant glue hard, and easily tear from this position during subsequent tests. This kind of material may still have considered the strength when damaged, which is not necessarily bad, but it needs to be observed.


Knowledge § The attention of Structural failure(2)

One day I talked to my colleagues about boxed meal, and the delicious boxed meal of Alishan Fenqihu came to my mind, so I invited them to take a boxed meal trip. The day of departure was Sunday. We departed from Douliu at 6:30 am in morning to avoid traffic jams. Following the mountain roads and the signs along the way, we arrived at the destination at about 9:00 am. Since it was still early for lunch, we decided to went to visit a famous wooden house. This house is the film location of "Starry Sky". The building still retains the appearance in the movie, and we are taking many photos there. There are many unique foods in Fenqihu, such as donuts, hakka rice cake and others... I want to eat up all the food. Happy time always flies quickly, and soon it's lunchtime, which is the highlight of the itinerary "Fenqihu boxed meal ". Fenqihu boxed meal has two choices: soft ribs and chicken legs, but why not both? The chicken legs are a nostalgic taste of ancient times, and the ribs are amazing. Not only are the aromas overflowing, and the softness is moderate. After lunch, we decide to go down the mountain, because the traffic jam is coming. On the way to leave, I saw so many cars going up the mountain. I was secretly thankful that I had set off early to eat specialties without queuing up. As the saying goes: "The early bird gets worms", it seems to make sense!

—Author: Mr. Jia-Rong, Cai


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