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Everwide Newsletter No.335

Experiment § One Component dealcoholized adhesive

The by-products of moisture cured silicone are organic volatiles, irritating odors, environmental pollution and other problems. The least harmful is the dealcoholization type, but it has the defects of low storage stability, slow curing and poor adhesion, so the oxime type is the most common commercial product. We overcame the above problems and developed the FX191/FX195 dealcoholized series. After curing at 200°C/600 hours and then have shear tensile test, the adhesion increased by 45% (Figure 1). Within the allowable temperature of the stable formula and the substrate, the high temperature allows the resin to have a higher reaction rate and more bonding of the substrate, promoting the increase of adhesive force. The tensile strength of the adhesive material is tested at different temperatures, and the high temperature of 200°C still maintains 70% of the initial adhesive strength (Figure 2). We also cure at 80℃ for 300 hours to evaluate the storage stability and the viscosity change rate is only 7%, and the surface dry time remains stable (Figure 3, blue surface dry time maintenance rate, red viscosity climbs rate). For this dealcoholization system, viscosity, anti-vertical flow, and curing time can be adjusted, and it has considerable adhesion to different materials. Welcome to contact us (Figure 4).

—Author: Mr. Zhe-Yong, Lin


Activity § Be kind in life

In this year's Mid-Autumn Festival gift box, we ordered mooncakes made by a friend with mental and multiple disabilities from the "Sin Te Kindly Education and Training Organization. " Buying represents support and allows them to understand the joy of creating value with their own hands. On the Mid-Autumn Festive, in addition to reuniting with family and having fun, at the same time send warmth to others (Picture 1, 2). Huashan Social Welfare Foundation assists vulnerable elderly living alone. We set up a box where invoices and cash can be thrown in the factory. The staff will regularly collect the contents of the box (Figure 3). Not limited to time and place, we can help others at any time, let "Love" be integrated into life.


Knowledge § Does epoxy resin contain toluene?

Some raw materials dissolve the resin in toluene, some formulas add toluene to reduce the viscosity to make products, and some additives are dissolved in toluene and mixed with the resin to cause toluene in the finished product. In addition to these deliberate additions, many epoxy resins also contain traces of toluene related to the resin manufacturing process. The general resin is made with epichlorohydrin and bisphenol A under the action of sodium hydroxide. The by-product of the reaction, sodium chloride, will dissolve in the water phase, and the product will remain in the organic phase of toluene. The oil and water are incompatible, thus achieving the purpose of separation. Finally, the organic phase is heated and vacuumed to remove the toluene and leave the epoxy resin. Because this process is not 100%, very small amounts of toluene may remain in the epoxy resin.


Living § Explore Taiwanese happiness

My hometown is in Bangkok, Thailand. I came to Taiwan two years ago to study for the Master of Tourism and Management at Chiayi University. My main job is to be responsible for sales in the Southeast Asian market. I remember that when I first came to Everwide, the supervisors said to me: "In Everwide, whether you are a local or a foreigner, the treatment is the same. We are members of Everwide." This is so warm that impressed me deeply. Since I don't have any work experience in Taiwan, I was a little worried about the difficulty and unsuitability of working with colleagues, but after getting along, I realized that I don't have to worry about it. Because whenever I have problems at work, my colleagues are always very kind to help me, even if my Chinese is not very fluent, they still patiently try to understand what I want to express. The company also arranged various internal and external training courses, such as Chinese communication, sales skills, and product knowledge, to enhance my professional ability. During the two years of studying for a master's degree, I went to many different places to gain a deeper understanding of this land, such as New Taipei Bitou Cape, Taichung Rainbow Village, Chiayi Alishan, Penghu, and Kinmen. I also ate many unique snacks. For example, Kung Pao Chicken, Oyster omelet, and Braised dishes. Besides, I have also participated in many different activities, such as the Lantern Festival and Christmas land in New Taipei City. In short, what Taiwan gives me is that it is full of human warmth, beautiful scenery, and many delicious foods, so I love Taiwan!

—Author:Miss. Mei-Ai, Song


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