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Everwide Newsletter No.336

Experiment § The evolution of Foaming Adhesive Films packaging material

Everwide’s foaming adhesive films package used bag has been several years. Regardless of size, thickness, and appearance, it can be customized according to customer requirements (Figure 1). When the packaging material supplier’s finished product size is not matched, the thickness is uneven, and the appearance is uneven, affecting the product's quality. Therefore, the quality of the product package is very important (Figure 2). To provide customers the best products, we will replace the packaging material, size, and weight with the customer's permission when the packaging has a problem (Figure 3). Generally, the ideal sheet material must meet the requirements of not bond hands and no deformation. However, during the period of changing the packaging material, the customer feedback that the resin's hardness and viscosity have changed. The same formula and process, why does this problem occur? After reviewing the product formula, immediately adjust the hardener to meet the customer's hardness demand and increasing the molecular weight to reduce the viscosity (Figure 4). Customer feedback is good after testing, and some buyers are also changing to new packaging materials.

—Author: Miss. Hui-Fang, Lai


Activity § Disaster prevention drill

In the second half of the year, the fire and poison prevention drill will be divided into two stages. The first stage is a disaster prevention knowledge course, which introduces the use of dry powder, foam, carbon dioxide, strengthened liquid fire extinguishers, and the correct escape method from fire... etc. (Figure 1). The second stage is disaster evacuation drill (Figure 2-5). During the evacuation, the colleagues immediately stopped working when they heard the broadcast and arrived at the designated safe place as soon as possible. It is hoped that through actual exercises, colleagues can be more familiar with the escape route so that they can calm and not panic in an emergency.


Knowledge § Why does the bubble in the glue tube cause the extrusion to be unstable?

Adhesives are often packaged with glue tube (syringe). When there is no bubble entrapment, the resin is an incompressible fluid. When a certain volume pushes the piston forward, a certain amount of adhesive will flow out. When there is bubble entrapment in the package, because the gas can be compressed, the behavior of the gluing is changed. The piston is forced to push forward a certain volume, and the adhesive is squeezed out, and the air is compressed and becomes smaller. When the piston stops moving, the compressed air entrapment will release pressure and increase in volume so that some adhesive will be squeezed out. In other words, when the piston is pushed, the glue extrusion is relatively small. When the piston is stopped, the gluing will not stop immediately. This phenomenon is related to the number of bubbles, and obvious large bubbles will have an obvious impact.


Living § Awaken the music soul

Two famous music festivals that fans of the orchestra: Kitanotai and Nandagang. When I was chatting with a friend who loves the culture of the orchestra, he strongly recommended the "Mega port Festival " to me. After listening to his touching sharing, the music cells in my head became active, so I decided to join the event and booked a ticket enthusiastically. The two-day concert was held at the Pier-2 Art Center in Kaohsiung. The theme was the music of life, emphasizing the performance story behind the orchestra and trying to enter the fans music lives. The organizer erected a concert-limited "Mega Bridge," which is 120 meters long and connects to the Penglai commercial port area on the opposite bank. You can enjoy the rising and falling of the waves and the blowing of the sea breeze on the bridge, making people feel comfortable and intoxicated. Besides, the event has free trimming of punk hairstyles, which is quite fashionable for the occasion. The performance includes Love Psychedelic, my favorite Japanese orchestra in college, and their style is British retro rock. The singing of the female singer is a bit vicissitudes and laziness. The guitar melody affects internal memories. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas perform combined with lighting special effects, suddenly the event turned into a large party. Mega port Festival will relaunch next year. "No Music, No Life", If you like music, let's wake up the sleeping music cell!

—Author: Mr. Xain-Yu, Xu


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