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Everwide Newsletter No.337

Experiment § Low viscosity and flame-retardant specifications moisture curing thermal conductive adhesive

With the development and advancement of science and technology, many electronic components request light, thin, short, and high-efficiency processing speed. For example, the 5G products that are very popular recently have very fine parts. The heat dissipation function of high-density parts is very important under high-efficiency processing. If the heat dissipation effect is bad, it will affect the service life of the parts. Everwide develops thermal conductive adhesives, such as moisture-cured thermal conductive adhesive FS168W60, which has a thermal conductivity of 1.7 W/m·K and is flame-retardant (UL 94-V 0), which can prevent the flame from burning the entire electronic parts and improve safety (Figure 1). This product's viscosity is only about 60,000 cps, so it has good leveling properties and excellent operability in the process (Figure 2). Although many fillers are added to the formula, the whole is still very soft and has a stress buffer effect (Figure 3). FS168W60 has good adhesion to common metals and can be used for adhesion heat dissipation on metal heat dissipation components (Figure 4). At present, we are actively developing thermal conductive adhesives with good fluidity and thermal conductivity of 2.0~3.0 W/m·K. We welcome interested customers to contact us.

—Author:Mr. Yu- Hsiang, Cheng


Activity § Let's protect the ocean together

Beach cleaning can make the earth cleaner. We see the messy scene on the beach, which can let us reduce garbage production. Company partners and their friends joined the beach cleaning activity (Figure 1). Just like the devil hides in the details, the garbage is hidden in the stone's cracks, and picking up trash can improve waist strength and arm strength. Thanks to the Marine Patrol Administration's guard and cleaning team's assistance and everyone's enthusiastic response, so that the task was completed (Figure 2-4). After the end, enjoy a delicious lunch together, chat about beach cleaning, and talk about daily life (Figure 5).


Knowledge § Can the powder in the resin be finely ground with three roll mill?

Powders are often added to the resin, such as inorganic powders (calcium carbonate, talc...), organic powders (pigments, hardeners.), anti-sagging agents (white smoke...), etc. When these powders are mixed with resin, the powders stick together if you stir them. Factories often put them in a three roll mill machine and to make the powder evenly. Some data call this process called grinding, but in fact, the roller's function is to force dispersion. The rotation speed of rollers is different, and the powder that sticks together bears a great shear force between the rollers and is therefore disassembled. The gap between the rollers is usually larger than the added powder, so there is no way to grind the individual powder into small, and the grinding function can only be achieved through other equipment.


Living § Learn new things

Putting previous experience and re-learning, although it is simple to say, is not easy to do, and the difficulty is beyond imagination. I have been practicing cooking hard during the recent holidays. My family bought some carrots, potatoes, and onions and prepared to cook them. Do you know what food will be cooked with such ingredients? Yes, the answer is curry! The fresh ingredients with the high-quality curry conditioning package and the aroma will waft out of the kitchen after a while, but it is a bit lonely after it is done because I think it can be better. I had a idea to practice cooking whole-heartedly (Figure 1). At first, I felt cooking is so easy, but I didn’t expect that just peeling the garlic would take half an hour. I was shocked, so I started to seek help from Google to study cooking skills. I feel the importance of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action) in the process. Now I can peel the whole garlic in 10 minutes on my own (Figure 2). Cook delicious food, the process must be careful and must be just correct. (Figure 3-5). I just want to say: " Chefs, you have my respect." If you're going to make delicious food easily, you have to use the right method and direction so that your efforts will not be wasted!

—Author: Mr. Yi-Xuan, Xu


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