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Everwide Newsletter No.342

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Experiment § Detachable UV adhesive for ink transfer

Many materials have release effects, such as silicones, fluorocarbons, and long-chain alkyl groups, which can be used in the fields of release agents, release films, and release papers.

Generally, the surface energy of the release film is extremely low and the water drop angle is relatively high. If you write on the coating, it is easy to shrink into the shape of a drop of water.

Coating ink on the entire surface often has the problem of shrinkage, and the subsequent recoatability is not good (Figure 1, 2). Recently we have developed the GS575 series of solvent-based UV adhesives with release properties. The biggest feature of this product is its ink adhesion. At the same time, it also has a release effect, which can be coated on the surface of the PET film to make a release film. We use a lion singular pen to test GS575 products. The ink can be completely coated on the release layer without shrinking into water droplets, and it can be wiped and removed at the same time (Figure 3). This release UV adhesive can be applied to the release film of ink transfer: the pattern is printed on the release film, and the pattern can be printed on other materials through cold or thermal transfer, and the release film can be easily removed ( Figure 4-6). Welcome to contact us if you are interested.

─ Author: Miss. Yu-Ru, Fan


Activity § Learning depends on the accumulation

Since 2008, we have successively arranged internal and external training courses and in addition to strengthening professional knowledge, we also focus on personal growth and interpersonal relationships. For example: In 2009 the company promoted the training of the manufacturing department. TS16949 was introduced in 2013 (Figure 1). Promote the ERP system in 2017. Learn about the history of Everwide in 2019 (Figure 2). The 3rd term of 2020 Learning Youth (Figure 3-5). Training is a long-term imperceptible thing, so it will not immediately increase the company's revenue, but it is the cornerstone of the company's stable growth. We have been exploring how to do better, and we will continue to work hard.


Knowledge § Can epoxy resins be prevented from yellowing by the sun by adding UV absorbers?

Epoxy resin combined with an amine curing agent can be used as a good primer for rust prevention of steel or floor bedding. The topcoat made of this material can only be used indoors. If exposed to the sun outdoors, it will quickly yellow. This phenomenon is related to the resin containing bisphenol A structure and the curing agent containing nitrogen elements.

Adding ultraviolet absorbers can absorb most of the ultraviolet rays. But it will not be all, there is still a part of ultraviolet rays that will be absorbed by the resin, causing the resin to yellow, so this problem cannot be really solved.


Living § Mitsui Outlet Park

For some friends, OUTLET can buy many products at once, and it is a good place for shopping. With the invitation of our colleagues, we went to Taichung's famous Mitsui Outlet Park to open our eyes (Figure 1). In addition to the well-known brands in the mall, there are also international boutiques that are not easy to see. More special are the popular check-in spots, such as the unique container art and cartoon dolls (pictures 2, 3). The first temperature-controlled ski resort in Taiwan and the 60-meter-high Taichung Star Ferris wheel are important points that cannot be ignored (Figure 4). The dining area is planned very carefully, and you can enjoy delicious food while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the port area. The second phase of the OUTLET started in November last year and is expected to open in 2022 and we believe it can bring a new atmosphere to Taichung. What made me particularly impressed with this trip was the requirements of the epidemic prevention code: a mask must be worn all the way in and out of public places (Figure 5). Before the end of the previous year, I would often participate in exhibitions everywhere, such as auto shows, video game shows, and book fairs. This year, due to the epidemic, there are very few such activities left. The Lunar New Year is coming soon, we remind you not to forget the epidemic prevention when planning your outing! 2021 is the year of the ox, as the saying goes: "The ox turns the universe". We hope that the global epidemic will end soon and life will return to its previous regularity and stability.

─ Author: Mr. Xin-Xin, Shi


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