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Everwide Newsletter No.345

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Experiment § High-strength treatment agent

Nylon is widely used in industry because of its excellent toughness, self-lubricity, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, gas permeability, oil resistance, non-toxicity, and easy coloring. But also because nylon is a crystalline thermoplastic material, if you want to use an adhesive for bonding, you must improve the adhesion to nylon through surface treatment. JC136-4 is a surface treatment agent developed for nylon sheets, used with epoxy resin adhesives, which can effectively wet the surface of nylon, thereby destroying the crystalline structure of the nylon surface and achieving a swelling effect. An adhesion promoter is added to the treatment agent, and it can be used with two-component epoxy resin to have good adhesion strength. We did a shear strength test: the nylon sheet was coated with a treatment agent to form an adhesive film (Figure 1), and then the JD228-23 two-component type was used for post-adhesion testing. After the surface treatment of the sheet, the material breaking effect can be achieved (Figure 2-4). Welcome to contact us if you are interested.

─Author: Mr. Geng-Chang, Shi


Activity § Awards for various activities

The 2020 Man of the Year, after all the partners voted, the most outstanding colleagues in each group were obtained. In addition to encouraging red envelopes to the winners, each winning colleague can also choose their favorite charity, Everwide will provide funds and make donations so that this glory has more different meanings (Figure 1, 2). The three courses for studious youth are coming to an end and then participants jointly voted for the best group members in their hearts. The scoring is based on actively participating in learning, speaking actively in the discussion process, actively arranging group affairs, and assisting the team in integrating opinions (Figure 3-5). Appropriate praise and rewards are added to the activity, and it is hoped that it can increase personal self-confidence and give partners an incentive.


Knowledge § Can light absorbers definitely protect materials from being damaged by ultraviolet rays?

Adding UV absorber (UVA) to the plastic can absorb the energy of ultraviolet rays and protect the plastic from being damaged by ultraviolet rays. The protective ability of UVA is related to its concentration and material thickness. The intensity of light is the strongest on the surface of the material, and the deeper the depth, the more light is absorbed by UVA, and the lower the intensity of light that destroys the material. In other words, if the surface of the material or the thing with no thickness (for example film), if the UVA protection is not enough, it may be damaged by light, and other antioxidants need to be added for protection.


Living § Magical power of pets

Nowadays, social life patterns are gradually changing, and the proportion of the population keeping pets is increasing year by year. People sometimes need company, so pets become the best companions, and the charm of cats and dogs conquered my family and girlfriend.

My family adopted two cats, and there was also a Meeks dog born to a Taiwanese dog and a Shiba Inu and my girlfriend adopted five cats. Those furry animals seem to have magical powers, because whenever I go home and see them, all the fatigue on my body is eliminated, and my soul is also greatly healed. They will also make me pay NT dollars all the time without knowing it because I can't help but buy all kinds of feeds, cans, toys, and nutritional products, but this is also one of the motivations for me to work hard to make money! I have always had a soft spot for black Shiba Inu, so I adopted a long-haired black Shiba Inu at the beginning of this year. When this little guy came around, I couldn't restrain the excitement, and immediately shared this joy with friends and relatives. He made me love and hate, naughty, destroying furniture, chasing cats, almost done all the bad things, but his coquettish personality made me unable to get angry, I can only say that he is a cute little devil. There is more and more news about the abandonment and abuse of pets in society. I think whether it is adoption or purchase, all animals are a precious life, as long as they are raised, they should be responsible to the end.

For the stray cats and dogs on the roadside, "You can have no love for them, but please don't hurt them." ​

─Author: Mr. Bing-Chen, Xu


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