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Everwide Newsletter No.351

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Experiment § UV delayed adhesive

Light-curing adhesive: The material to be adhered to needs to have good light transmittance, and it can be cured quickly through ultraviolet light. Epoxy resin adhesive: It is widely used in various materials and has a certain operating time, but the curing speed is slow. UV delayed adhesive JE126 can take into account the simple and fast curing of light, eliminates the limitation of the material's need for light transmission, and has several characteristics: 1. First, dispense glue on the substrate, and the adhesive exposure is 500mJ/cm2. At this time, the adhesive is still in liquid (Figure 1-3). 2. Laminate the other substrate and heat it for a short time at a low temperature of 60°C/30 minutes or 80°C/10 minutes to complete the curing reaction (Figure 4, 5). This reaction has considerable intensity at room temperature for 2-3 days. 3. The resin can be stably stored in a dark place before exposure to light. Compared with general cationic light-curable resins, JE126 is very different, and you are welcome to contact us if you are interested.

─Author: Mr. Wei-Lin, Zhang


Activity § Intelligent Logistics System

The intelligent logistics system connects with barcodes (Figure 1), mobile devices, electronic billboards, and ERP systems, from purchasing, picking, production, warehousing, shipping to after-sales service, etc. The intelligent operation of the management process can effectively improve on-site production efficiency, order delivery commitments, and key manufacturing indicators for inventory turnover. After the Lunar New Year, we began to discuss the structure with consultants and hold explanatory meetings (Figure 2-5). In the near future, we will purchase corresponding electronic equipment, and personnel from relevant departments will continue to conduct education and training. It is expected to be officially launched in the second half of the year.


Knowledge § What is the relationship between Tg and processing temperature?(2)

For a resin with a fully cured Tg=120°C, we heat and bake it at 100°C. In the beginning, it is a liquid, adheres, gelatinizes, and draws, and then becomes a soft cured product, finally showing a hard solid state. At this time, the Tg of the material will be at the processing temperature. The unreacted components diffuse in the solid and slowly continue to crosslink. The Tg will gradually be higher than the processing temperature, and the complete reaction may be reached after a few hours. If the fully cured Tg is much higher than the processing temperature, for example, a material with a fully reacted Tg=180°C is heated and cured at 100°C. After the Tg is increased to 130°C, it may not go up because the diffusion rate is under this condition will become very slow, and there is no way to reach further.


Living § The problem behind the problem

Every day in the life, we have to solve all kinds of problems, such as work troubles, family pressure, handling of interpersonal relationships, and unexpected challenges. When I encounter something unsatisfactory, I also think "Why me? Why should I do it? I have paid so much, why do the problems still follow?" However, the negative thoughts accumulate unconsciously over time, and gradually I become a person who asks "bad questions" all day long. In the QBQ chapter, "Leaders are not problem solvers" and "Both are caused by procrastination" make me feel the same. When I worked part-time, I was responsible for scheduling, managing work-study students, and training new recruits. Whenever colleagues encounter difficulties, they will habitually hand over the problem to me. Even if there are some complaints in my heart, I will still try my best to help them solve them. Only now do I understand that this kind of treatment is not good. I not only stifle their growth opportunities but also increase my work pressure and add negative emotions. I should provide useful advice and let them try to solve the problem so that the team will continue to make progress together. I used to use exhaustion and busyness at work as an excuse, and I kept delaying what I had to do, and finally made a big mistake and regretted it. I think this book is more like telling an attitude and way of life, and it has given useful inspiration to new people like me in society and found that I have many attitudes and ideas that need to be corrected. When I encounter problems in my life in the future, I will face the problems positively and focus on how I can do better. No longer blaming others, but knowing how to think "what can I do?" This is the best way to get out of trouble.

─Author: Mr. Zhi-Ying, Ji


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