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Everwide Newsletter No.354

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Experiment § Two-component room temperature PU foaming

PU foam is formed by the reaction of isocyanates, polyols, and foaming agents. Due to its low price and easy operation, PU foam has become one of the widely used gasket materials. PU foam is often used as a buffer material in shoes, furniture, car doors, etc. (Figure 1) because such products as car doors need to have the characteristics of high elasticity and toughness. Recently we have successfully developed a two-component type PU foam named NF893-1. This product has the following excellent properties: 1. Because of its high thixotropy, so it is easy to use on vertical substrate surfaces. 2. It can be cured quickly after about 10 minutes at room temperature. 3. After curing, its surface is very smooth and there are no bubbles, so it can prevent the penetration of chemical components or moisture (Figure 2). 4. Due to the high density of small internal bubbles, the shock absorption effect becomes more uniform (Figure 3). 5. It has high tensile strength and breaking elongation (Figure 4). 6.NF893-1 has a strong recovery ability after 22 hours of compression at 70℃, so it can avoid permanent deformation (Figure 5). If you are interested, please contact us.

─Author: Mrs. Wang-En, Pan


Activity § The new look of the showroom

We set up a showroom in the factory with posters, product catalogs, finished workpieces, etc. (Figure 1). We always invite customers, interviewers, and students to visit our showroom (Figure 2) because we want them to know more about Everwide's products and applications.

Recently, we have reformed the showroom. For example, we put the display products into different categories (Figure 3-4). Secondly, we applied the colorful design to the product description cards, and we installed additional glass on the open display cabinets to prevent dust accumulation. The showroom has become tidier after renovation (Figure 5).


Knowledge § The relationship between Young's modulus and temperature

Young's modulus refers to the slope of the material stress and strain curve. This value can be obtained by placing the material in a universal tensile machine for stretching. The larger the slope, the higher the rigidity of the material. The Young's modulus of a polymer will decrease as the temperature rises, and there will be a drastic change near the Tg, and this trend of change is almost synchronized with the storage modulus in the DMA experiment. What we must pay attention to is that the Tg obtained by different methods are different. DSC uses specific heat change to define Tg and DMA uses the maximum value of tanδ to obtain Tg and E' where the sudden drop of Tg and E' may be more than 30°C, causing the range of Young's modulus to change drastically not in the Tg range calibrated by other experiments.


Living § The fun of handmade

During the Ching Ming holiday, I and my friends participated in the handmade activities of weaving paintings, making lanterns, and making walnut chopsticks at the Paper Farm Academy and the Mutou Wood Magic Carpentry Workshop. In class, the professional teachers are very patient to teach us until we finish the work. The Mutou Wood Magic Carpentry Workshop is a paradise for adults and children, there are not only many DIY classes, but also a wide variety of wooden toys for children to play with. It is a nice place to relax.

What impressed me the most during the course was making chopsticks, because we had to start all over and do it all by ourselves. Students first practice using a planing knife, then slowly shape the chopsticks with a tool, use sandpaper to polish the details, and the final step is oiling to maintain. What is special is the oil is produced by crushing walnuts which is all-natural. The production process needs more than a few hours, but the paintings and the wood chopsticks which are made by ourselves, it brought unique meaning to it. These beautiful finished products are full of beautiful memories for me, and I will cherish them.

─Author: Ms. Man-Yun, Qiu


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