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Everwide Newsletter No.355

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Experiment § High-temperature resistant UV pressure-sensitive adhesive

Usually, the pressure-sensitive adhesive will be tested in different ways according to the place where the product is used. The more common situation is the load test and the peel test (Figure 1,2). The data obtained from the two tests have different meanings. The load test method tests the cohesive force of the colloid. It evaluates the difference according to the time of the drop. Sometimes during the test, it is placed in a high-temperature environment according to customer needs. The peeling test method tests the peeling strength of the colloid and if the bonding material is different, the adhesion is different. Our GC172 series are UV-curable pressure-sensitive adhesives, which have many characteristics as follows: 1. The formula does not contain solvents. 2. After UV curing, there will be pressure-sensitive characteristics (Figure 3, 4). 3. It has good adhesion (Figure 5, 6). 4. It has excellent temperature resistance and can be used in higher-temperature places. In the actual test, under the condition of 1kg load at 80℃, it can last up to 500 hours without falling. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

—Author: Mr. Dong-Qi, Pan


Activity § The recent happenings of life

Summer interns have already started to work in the company. We hope that students will gain practical work experience, and we also hope that they can learn new knowledge through simple instrument introduction courses (Figure 1,2). The IATF16949 internal audit has been completed, the improvements are about to be launched and the goal is to make the quality management system more effective (Figure 3, 4). The Cordia dichotoma grown in the factory is mature, and we shared it with colleagues (Figure 5).


Knowledge § Why do things turn yellow after being stored for a long time?

There are many clothes, PU artificial leather, fibers, and films, etc., that will add hindered phenolic antioxidants to protect them, which can prevent these materials from aging and performance degradation in the environment. Because this additive will react with nitrogen oxides in the air and produce yellow products in an alkaline environment, so the above-mentioned things may turn yellow after being stored for a long time. Because nitrogen oxide is a product of air pollution, there is no way to avoid it, so textiles are cleaned with a small amount of acid and surfactant before leaving the factory to prevent the fiber from showing alkaline and easily yellowing. A better solution is to choose other types of antioxidants instead of hindered phenolic antioxidants so that the possibility of yellowing can be minimized.


Living § Share self-study Japanese

Everybody、こんにちはー!In modern with advanced technology and resources, it is easy to learn a language by yourself. When I was watching Japanese TV dramas when I was a child, I felt the pronunciation and characters of Japanese were beautiful and changeable, so I wanted to learn Japanese. Many people learn Japanese through books or join the language class, starting from pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar, etc. Under economic considerations, I started to learn through news, watching YouTube, etc., through the "listening" method, to memorized many vocabularies and sentence patterns. After this self-study method for a period of time, the problems gradually appeared. When I hear a familiar pronunciation, although I can instantly understand its meaning, I cannot quickly translate it into words. So I decided to adjust the original learning method and apply for the Japanese Language Test (JLPT). During the preparation of JLPT, I bought Japanese vocabulary, grammar, original novel, and other relevant reference books, with the original "listening" method as auxiliary. After I made preparations for about three months, I successfully passed the N3 level of the Japanese Language Test. I know this is only a good start, there is no shortcut to learning and success depends on perseverance. But there is not only one way to learn, we can choose the method that suits us. Use useful resources and set a clear goal, things will be more productive with less effort.

—Author: Mr. Yi-Rong, Zou


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