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Everwide Newsletter No.356

Experiment § Flame-retardant acrylic structural adhesive

Generally, inert plastic materials are plastics with low surface energy, such as thermoplastic polyolefin, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide, etc. The two-component acrylic structural adhesive is used for various substrates because of its good adhesion (E-paper No.332). Common acrylic structural adhesives have a strong odor but do not have flame retardant properties. Recently, we have successfully developed a flame-retardant two-component acrylic structural adhesive KA005-5. The two agents A and B can be cured at room temperature after mixing and do not require special surface treatment and can exhibit excellent shear strength for most heterogeneous plastic substrates, inert plastic materials, glass, metals, and composite materials ( Figure 1,2). KA005-5 can meet the requirements of UL94V-0 after curing. The test piece is extinguished immediately after being removed from the Bunsen burner, and there is no flame dripping (Figure 3). The ratio of this product is 10:1, and there are red, white, and black for your choice (Figure 4). It is a two-component adhesive with two capacities of 490 ml and 50 ml (Figure 5). We are actively developing acrylic structural adhesives that are waterproof, weather-resistant, and heat-resistant. You are welcome to contact us or browse the corporate website.

—Author: Ms. Shi-Yu, Fan


Activity § Continues learning during the epidemic prevention

Because of the epidemic, external courses have changed to online teaching, and distance learning is used to reduce physical contact. We set up computer audio-visual equipment, which can not only be used as video training equipment but also can record online teaching videos (Picture 1,2). In the case of relax the pandemic restrictions in Taiwan, the internal courses have adjusted from online watching to area partitions to limit the number of viewers (Figure 3). In order to allow colleagues in different areas to discuss issues, we use the online conference system to synchronize online (Figure 4, 5). While the epidemic has changed habits, the exchange of knowledge to continue.


Knowledge § Anti-aging agents prevent polymer aging? ( 1 )

Polymers will undergo aging reactions due to factors such as the ultraviolet rays of the sun, the high temperature of the environment, pollutants, oxygen in the air, moisture, residual catalysts, and ions in contact. The first thing we need to understand is what causes aging. The second thing to understand is what properties are the polymers we care about? Do we care about surface condition, color, mechanical properties, electrical properties, and strength, or other properties? After we understand these two things, we have the opportunity to design reasonable anti-aging measures.


Living § slow down the pace of life

At the beginning of the year, when the lavender is in full bloom, my family and I went to Taichung Xinshe to visit a six-hectare lavender forest. When we got to the entrance, there were many children clamoring to see the cute bear. After asking the staff, we learned that this year is the 20th anniversary of the creation of the forest, so there are many bear toys inside. Every bear toy here has a blessing seal on its body. Visitors can exchange a commemorative postcard with 10 blessing seals, so we happily carry out the stamp collection activity. Along the way, there are lovely bear toys, cabins, merry-go-round, hung with many wishes of the wish tree, and a wishing bell that can be realized as soon as possible by ringing it. The path is accompanied by a light lavender fragrance, which makes visitors forget fatigue and open relaxation mode to regain spiritual energy. It is worth mentioning that there is an acre of the land in the deepest part of the forest, meaning that we should respect nature. The special planting method of this field arouses people's gratitude to nature. Because this field has given us the conditions for survival and perfected our clothing, food, shelter, and transportation, we should cherish everything we have even more. This journey of meditation allowed me to slow down and enjoy the beauty of every moment. In fact, happiness is simple, as long as we are willing to open our hearts, even just a smile, can make the people around feel infinite warmth.

—Author: Ms. Jia-Ying, Zhen


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