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Everwide Newsletter No.357

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Experiment § Highly Accelerated Stress Test machine

Environmental tests are required to assess whether the product meets the customer's requirements. Temperature Humidity Bias Test (THB) is also known as High Temperature and Humidity Stress Test. It is one of the most commonly used in experiments. The temperature and relative humidity of the instrument are respectively 85°C and 85% RH, and they are often judged by 1000 hrs. As the 1000 hrs is too long, the Highly Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test (HAST) can be used instead (Figure 1,2). The HAST experiment can be controlled at 105°C- 134°C and 75% RH- 100% RH. According to JESD 22-A110, the result of 130°C and 85% RH after 96 hrs is equivalent to 85°C and 85%RH after 1000 hrs. The material that will fail at 85°C/ 85 RH/ 300 hrs is tested at 130°C/85 RH, and the results show that the same failure state will appear after 28-30 hrs. (Figure 3, 4). If the material is not heat resistant at 130°C, you can also choose 110°C/ 85 RH/ 264 hrs. This shows that HAST can quickly determine the feasibility of materials and effectively shorten the product development timeline (Figure 5).

—Author: Mr. Zhan-Yu, Chen


Activity § Re-evolution of ERP

Due to the COVID-19, it took longer than usual for us to purchase overseas raw materials (Figure 1). Therefore, we use the ERP system to divide orders into internal company and external customer needs. Production units assess capacity and schedule according to the assigned orders and then purchase according to the original material purchase plan (Figure 2,3). Intelligent logistics is introduced, plant equipment is in place one by one, and the actual training of consultants is also prepared (Figure 4-6). Starting with raw materials entering the site, then manufacturing, and finally shipping products, after these processes, in addition to making it easier to control inventory information, we also hope to achieve real-time results. As the company grew, the functionality evolved again.


Knowledge § Anti-aging agents prevent polymer aging? ? (2)

The anti-aging measures of the polymer are not necessarily related to the formula, and sometimes the polymer can be designed to avoid exposure to aging factors. For example, using surface coating or shielding measures to prevent the polymer from contacting the sun. Pass nitrogen and release desiccant to prevent the polymer from contacting oxygen and moisture. In addition, we can treat the surface of the material to shield the metal ions that may be exposed to the polymer. When these measures are not feasible, we have to add anti-aging agents to the polymer to delay the inevitable aging.


Living § Are you troubled by clutter?

After reading "stop hoarding", I have a deeper insight into whether to keep items (Figure 1). The author recommends that decluttering secrets is throwing stuff away. Clutter is stuff that bothers you, like things you don't like, don't want, don't use, need to fix, hurt feelings, etc. So the trick to no sundries lies in our comprehensive understanding of ourselves. We need to know what we like, what we want, and what we can use so that we can avoid the dilemma of restoring clutter after tidying up. It is also very important when buying items. We have to choose "need" instead of "want" so that we can save unnecessary costs. So I started to organize the cabinets in the room (Figure 2, 3)! Some biscuits in the snack cabinet were forgotten at the bottom, and they softened because it was stored for a long time. Finally, I accidentally discovered the kind of snacks I liked. There is also a plastic bag collection area. I can categorize these plastic bags according to the size of the items so that I can get them quickly when I go out to buy things, and I know that there are plastic bags available, so I won’t take any plastic bags after shopping. Colleagues joined the ranks after listening to my sharing. Originally, the wardrobe was hung with a dazzling array of clothes, but only suitable clothes were kept after tidying up (Figure 4, 5). Everyone said: "Organizing things is a way to explore yourself" (Figure 6). If you are eager to change the status quo, please learn to give up first. Perhaps such a change can bring you a refreshing change.

─Author: Ms. Zhu-Jun, Dai


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