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Everwide newsletter No.359

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Experiment § Anti-glare optical film with high haze and high gloss

Generally, the Anti-glare(AG) film has high haze (HZ) and low gloss (Gloss). This is because the particles in the film are too much and the scattering is serious, which leads to low gloss. One customer's requirement for the product is that the haze should be 46%, and the gloss should be about 62~70, and the product should pass the following tests: 1. Under the light, the particles in the film should be small (Figure 1). 2. The AG film is affixed to the black acrylic board, and the lamp must not be reflected under the light (Figure 2). 3. Observe the AG film through the green display, and there should be no serious flashpoints and interference fringe (Figure 3, 4). According to these requirements, we tested PMMA and PS particles and found that PMMA particles are more transparent, and PS particles are opaque (Figure 5). Because the formula contains solvent, it is necessary to observe whether the solvent affects the particles after a long period of time. Because some particles swell in the solvent, the sedimentation of the particles in the coating is also a factor that must be considered. Some particles cannot be redispersed due to precipitation hardening. After experimental tests, our AG film has met customer requirements. ─ Author: Mrs. Tsan-Hsien, Hung


Activity § Annual health check

Cancer has become the top ten cause of death, and regular screening can be diagnosed and treated early. The National Health Promotion Administration provides free screening subsidies to eligible persons for breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, and oral cancer. we cooperated with the hospital to carry out colorectal cancer and oral cancer check on the body check day(Figure 1-5). The factory also regularly provides health consultations from nurses and doctors and gives professional advice so that colleagues can focusing on health.


Knowledge § Can add anti-aging agents prevent polymer aging? (4)

The aging reaction of polymers can be slowed down, but there is no way to completely avoid it. Take the light absorber as an example again: as the depth of the material increases, the amount of ultraviolet light absorbed by the light absorber increases, and the damage to the material is drastically reduced. From this point of view, the surface of the material is where the light absorber has the weakest effect. In other words, light absorbers can greatly delay the aging rate of thick materials, but they are not so good for thinner applications. However, the light absorber is very helpful for protecting the mechanical properties of the structure, but it is not so good for the color of the coating and the durability of the film.


Living § The days of living in Everwide

In my thoughts, Everwide is a company that cares about the employees, focuses on learning knowledge, and the seniors in all units are very friendly. When I first joined, I was worried that I would be left out because I am an intern. But in fact, colleagues get along like friends, and they will patiently teach me when getting into trouble. What impressed me the most was that when I made a mistake, the seniors would not immediately criticize me severely, but first asked me am I get hurt, and then solve the problem together. After that, they taught me how to avoid happening again and remind me to pay attention to my own safety. During the internship, I would like to thank my seniors for teaching me many things outside of basic work, such as trying to use machines or tools that require more technology. After the internship, I was able to think and work independently, and I rarely said the words "I don't know how to do it." I am very happy about this change. If you ask me what I learned from the two-month internship, I will say this experience make me become more mature, daring to express my opinions, and learned the way to get along with others. Analyzing things no longer only analyzes the surface, but learns to analyze things in many ways. These are the most precious and practical gifts that Everwide has given me.

─Author: Mrs. Tin-Jun, Gao


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