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Everwide Newsletter-No.35

Experiment § The effect of solvent and stress (1)

A customer's product is a PC plastic case and the edge, should be locked with screws. After the screws are locked, the product should be wiped with a solvent and packaged after cleaning. A strange thing happened. Before wiping with solvent, as shown in the figure on the left, the plastic is completely intact; after wiping with solvent, as shown in the figure on the right, the plastic will "burst" within a few minutes. The cracking of plastic is related to the erosive ability of the solvent. Those with strong erosive power to PC, such as MEK, xylene, THF, etc., will cause severe cracking. However, it is generally recognized that methanol, ethanol, IPA, etc., which are relatively weak to PC, can also cause cracks. The cracks mentioned above will only occur when the screws are locked and contact the solvent. If one of the two is missing, there will be no cracks. In other words, the solvent will erode the surface of the plastic into tiny cracks that are invisible to the naked eye, and the stress will cause the small cracks caused by the solvent to grow, eventually causing the material to rupture. After trying all the available solvents, only n-hexane and water will not cause cracks in the plastic.


Character § Scientific attitude, cultural enthusiasm

Miss Su-hui, Chen, expertise: business management. Financial Planning; Department: Management. The key to success: hard work, perseverance, endurance, go all out; intelligence, human and financial resources are indispensable. Human resources: strong soldiers are more important than strong generals; financial resources: open source and reduce expenditure, do what we can; intelligence: seek elites from all walks of life and gather collective wisdom.

[Use concentration to make the cake bigger; without discipline, there is no professionalism] "Once I decide something, I will not give up halfway, because it is a "decision," as long as I give up, I will regret it. I don't want to give myself a chance to regret it, so I choose never to give up. When I make up my mind to take the first step, I will persevere to break the boat. As long as I know that there is a road ahead, I will move forward steadily and never waver!" Innovation is often more influential than technological innovation and has a longer lifespan. [Upbringing is the most important thing in this era] There is one thing that is very important at any time, and that is upbringing. Upbringing is your behavior, your attitude towards life and life, and the advance and retreat in life. [Government needs to be a platform] I think one of my suggestions to Taiwan is not to try to do everything and want to have outstanding performance in every cultural and creative industry, find out that you have the opportunity to become the world's top. It is the strategy that can bring out the best potential.

─Author: Ms. Yupin, Yan, Personnel Specialist, Everwide Chemical


Knowledge § How to evaluate thermal shock capacity? (1)

There is no universal standard specification for evaluating thermal shock, and the most common test is to use Washer test strips. The following describes how to make a test piece for the Washer Test.

Use scissors to cut a 4cm × 0.2cm wide strip of paper around the outer diameter of the pen (as shown in Figure 3). Put the glued paper circles into the container in sequence (as shown in Figure 4). Put the washer on the paper circle, evaluate the height of the washer, and try to keep it at half the height of the container as a principle (as shown in Figure 5). Pick up the washer, ① Pour the resin wet paper circle from the center of the paper circle (as shown in Figure 6). Then slowly pour resin, ② Fill the bottom of the container with resin (as shown in Figure 7). Gently place the iron piece on the paper circle to support the iron piece and prevent the iron piece from falling into the resin (as shown in Figure 8). Starting from the center of the iron sheet, slowly pour in the resin (Figure 9). Slowly pour in the resin to fill the entire container (Figure 10). The action of pouring glue needs to be gentle to avoid generating air bubbles. Put the container into the oven to bake, ready to make the test piece. Put the test piece into the thermal shock tester and start the experiment (as shown in Figure 11). Figure 12 shows the cracked appearance of the test piece after the thermal shock test.


Living § A death row prisoner's story

Once, a death row inmate met his mother before being beheaded. His last wish was for his mother to let him suck again because he missed the feeling of snuggling up to his mother's breast and sucking as a child. His mother agreed, pulling out her breasts for him to suck on. Unexpectedly, the death row inmate bit his mother's nipple hard. His mother rolled on the ground in pain and asked him why he did it? The death row inmate replied, "Because you spoiled me everywhere when you were young, and you didn't correct me when you did wrong, which made me think that these behaviors were okay, and that would lead to murder and arson when I grew up, and I was reduced to the point of being beheaded. Today I have this one. It's all caused by you in the end."

The story of a death row inmate did not explain Dad. Maybe it was because Dad's nipples were too small that he escaped? In any case, this story tells us at least: we must teach our children strictly from an early age. Otherwise, one day the child grows up to college poorly, except for the death of the head, and the mother's nipple will also suffer.

─Author: Dr. Ming-xu, Li, Everwide Chemical


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