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Everwide Newsletter No.363

Experiment § Color difference and haze meter

Haze meter is a very important measuring instrument for AG (Anti-Glare) film, especially the difference in haze value of the transparent optical film is 1-2%, and it cannot be distinguished by visual inspection (Figure 1). In the past, the customer provided the sample film, and after we prepared the formula, we went to the customer's company to measure the haze, so it would affect the time to adjust the formula. In order to make the products meet customer needs quickly and accurately, we purchased a haze meter for optics. This machine measures the spectral range of the light source from 80nm to 780nm, and can also measure the haze value, light transmittance (T.T.), light absorption rate, oil color (APHA), color difference L*A*B* and XYZ, If the film has color, the color variation with the standard (Figure 2) can be measured. How to use: 1. Turn on the computer and haze meter. 2. After online, calibrate the machine first, and then test the air value. 3. Put on the gloves and then put the film to the machine, and various data tests will be carried out (Figure 3). 4. Data can be converted into Excel files for subsequent operations. Recently, there was a case that needed to urgently change the haze value of the film, from the original 3% to less than 1.5% (Figure 4). The haze meter is useful, and the accurate data helped us to quickly adjust the formula to meet customer requirements.

─Author: Mr.Tsan-Hsien, Hung


Activity § Douliu High School visited our factory

Douliu High School visited our factory. We introduced the manufacturing process of the factory, shared basic chemistry knowledge, hand-made activity, and interesting questions and answers. The students said: "We have learned about the operation of chemical factories, and the different machines knowledge. We have discovered the relationship between resin and life. It turns out that resin and plastic are different things, and we have learned a lot of new knowledge. Learned the reaction principle from the DIY of the light-curing resin.” During the activity, the children actively asked questions and gained new knowledge, we felt very happy and meaningful about that.


Knowledge § Vacuum oven and high-pressure oven

The vacuum oven uses a vacuum pump to remove air, allowing the resin to remove bubbles, moisture, and volatiles in a low-pressure environment. Especially in the process of infusing the parts with resin, the parts are often evacuated, so that the bubbles inside expand and become larger and float to the surface to be broken. After vacuuming, return to normal pressure to allow the resin to solidify, and finally, a flawless product is obtained. The principle of a high-pressure oven is just the opposite. After the parts are filled with resin, they are cured in an environment of 6-8kg/cm2. Pressure can increase the penetration capacity of the resin and fill in tiny gaps. The voids during pouring or the bubbles volatilized during curing will also dissolve into the resin under pressure, and finally, a cured product without bubbles will be obtained.


Living § Funny parrots

I have raised different parrots, such as Sun conure, Yellow-crowned Parrot and White-bellied Parrot. The reason for raising is because my child in the family has grown up, so I have a lot of free time. One day when I passed the bird store, I was attracted by the beautiful feathers and sweet sounds of parrots. After understanding their characteristics and evaluating my home environment, I decided to raise parrots. I raised parrots when they were babies. At that time, I used syringes or spoons to feed them special milk powder every day, and I needed the patience to take care of them. Now they have begun to eat feed. For this reason, I will take a long drive regularly to buy food from specialty stores to ensure the source of food is safe and nutritious. Their personalities are quite funny. Some parrots IQ of five-year-old children. They can not only imitate human language and sing, but they can even chat and quarrel smoothly. However, raising birds is not a simple task. They need company, a clean environment, nutritious feed, regular bathing, maintenance of coat color, and sun exposure. Parrots have a long life span, and some can live more than 50 years. Therefore, you must consider your own abilities and responsibilities before raising, and avoid impulsiveness.

─Author: Ms. Hui-Zhen, Hui


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