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Everwide Newsletter No.364

Experiment § Surface heating type treating agent for nylon

Polyamide (PA) is commonly known as nylon. Due to its lightweight, acid and alkali resistance, good weather resistance, and long-term use stability, nylon is widely used in automotive, aerospace, medical, industrial, and people's livelihood fields. It is not easy to bond with nylon, mainly because of its crystallinity, chemical inertness, and poor surface wettability (Low Surface Energy, LSE) of the substrate, which makes adhesion difficult. We have recently successfully developed nylon treatment agent GS610, which can significantly improve the nylon adhesion difficulties. For example, acrylic structural adhesive KA001-1, can significantly enhance the adhesion performance. Without applying the treatment agent, it will lose its adhesion within 8 hours after boiling at 50℃. After applying the treatment agent, it can still maintain good adhesive strength after 168 hours (Figure 1). The sheet was coated with GS610 (Figure 2), heated at 80°C for 15 minutes, and then subjected to a cross-cut test (Figure 3). It was found that the previous treatment film hardly peeled off. It shows that GS610 has good adhesion to nylon and the ability to modify the surface of nylon, which is beneficial to match with KA001-1. Therefore, if you need to meet the nylon adhesion and meet the waterproof requirements at the same time, it is recommended to use the combination of GS610 and KA001-1. If you have customized needs, please feel free to contact us.

─Author: Dr. Wu Jiaxing


Activity § Half-day farming experience

Wutu village, Linnei Township is a rich production for taro. In October, we held taro picking activities there. Colleagues and their families are welcome to participate. After the tour guide introduced the characteristics of Linnei Township and the knowledge of taro, everyone went to the field to pick taro. There was laughter everywhere during the picking process, and the adults and children worked very well together. After harvesting, everyone took a break with an iced drink and then began to make taro potted plants. The colleague said: "This activity has the effect of gaining knowledge in entertainment, and it also creates parent and child interaction, let us have a chance to relax and release stress."


Knowledge § What is microwave digestion?

Microwaves cause the dipoles of molecules to constantly change, and they also cause free ions to translate in space, thus causing matter to generate heat. The difference from traditional heating is that microwaves have good penetrating power and can quickly heat the inside of the material. If the reagent is placed in a closed system and heated above the boiling point of normal pressure, the reaction rate can be faster under high temperature and high pressure, and a better conversion rate can be obtained. If the experiment is to decompose the solid or macromolecules in the sample into smaller molecules or even ions, this is "microwave digestion". For example, the precipitation of heavy metals uses strong oxidants to oxidize and decompose things that are originally insoluble in aqueous solutions into uniform and clear digestive juices for subsequent precipitation. If used in organic reactions, this is called "microwave synthesis."


Living § Challenge the steep mountain

I recently climbed the Xiluan Mountain. The altitude of the mountain is about 3,081 meters, and the climbing height is 1,500 meters. It is a difficult mountain to challenge. This trip lasted two days and one night. We arrived at the mountain trail at 3 pm on the first day. We went to a suitable camping location, and the guide helped to set up a tent to prepare for the night. It was getting dark soon, and the temperature began cold. After finishing the simple dinner, everyone takes the clothes to keep warm and hurry up to sleep. At 2 A.M the next day, we got up to wash our faces and eat breakfast. After packing up our equipment, we started climbing. Since the surrounding area is still dark, there are no indicators and mileage piles along the road, and the mountain trails are almost filled with intertwined tree roots and soil, so you must be especially careful when walking. After walking for more than 2 hours, the sun gradually rose, and the appearance of the sun falling in the forest was really beautiful. When we arrived near the observatory camp, we took a short break. In the end, it took us about 5.5 hours to reach the top of the mountain, where we could overlook the beautiful scenery of jade mountain, snow mountain, and central mountain range. After getting enough rest, we started going down the mountain. Mountain climbing is a good outdoor activity. You can feel the charm of nature, breathe the fresh air, and relax the soul. When overcoming difficult and difficult steep slopes or terrain in the process, we can also get a full sense of accomplishment from it.

─Interviewee: Ms. Shi-Yu, Fan


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