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Everwide newsletter No.372

Experiment § Two-component phosphorus-based flame-retardant epoxy resin

Most polymer materials are easy to burn, and research on flame retardants is a long-term topic. Halogen flame retardant materials have the advantages of high flame retardant efficiency, less dosage, and significantly reducing the heat release rate of combustion. However, halogen flame retardant materials will generate a lot of thick smoke during the combustion process, which will hinder the escape probability of human beings and cause secondary pollution of the environment (Figure 1). With the improvement of environmental awareness, halogen-free flame retardant materials have gradually become a global trend, especially phosphorus-based flame retardants, which emphasize that the amount of combustion smoke is low and the smoke is relatively non-toxic. Recently, we received the customer's request: use the winding forming method to process the two-component phosphorus-based flame-retardant epoxy resin: 1. Pass the UL94-V0 flame resistance test. 2. The Tg value is higher than 90℃. 3. The viscosity of the product is about 400~600 cps at 40℃ after mixing, and it can be maintained stably for 8 hours. We use phosphorus-based epoxy resins with lower viscosity and choose amines as curing agents according to these requirements. After mixing A and B, the average viscosity is about 430 cps at 40 °C, and the viscosity changes gently within 8 hours. After curing at 100°C for 8 hours, the Tg can reach 100°C, and the final cured product meets the flame retardant requirements of UL94-V0 (Figure 2, 3). Halogen-free flame retardant has always been a challenging topic. It is not as simple as replacing halogen flame retardants with non-halogen. We welcome interested friends to discuss with us.

─Author: Mrs. Qi-Huia, Lai


Activity § Self-growth and stretching exercises

We invite lecturers to set up DISC Workplace Recognition Skills. The content of the course is self-recognition, understanding of different personality traits and communication skills, using effective communication to create good interpersonal relationships, and building the overall consensus of the team. In the activity, a simple personality test is used to find out the characteristics and behavior style of the individual. Through interactive games, it can improve communication skills and increase teamwork spirit. The company also organizes yoga activities. Professional instructors specially select movements suitable for beginners, carefully explain, and teach in-depth so that students can perform movements safely and prevent accidental physical injuries and unnecessary psychological pressure.


Knowledge § Benefits of carbon fiber

The advantages of carbon fiber are as follows: 1. The density is between 1.5 and 2.1. Low density and lightweight. 2. Compared with metal materials, carbon fiber has high specific elasticity and high specific strength. 3. High heat resistance can withstand a high temperature of 3000 ℃ in the absence of oxygen. 4. In addition to nitric acid and chromic acid, they can resist the corrosion of chemicals. 5. The thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber is smaller than that of glass fiber, the axial expansion coefficient is negative, and the dimensional stability is good. 6. Compared with organic fibers, carbon fibers hardly undergo creep deformation. 7. It has strong thermal shock resistance and will not be embrittled in liquid nitrogen. 8. The thermal conductivity of carbon fiber is good, up to 600-700 W/mK.


Living § Breakthrough the predicament

I recently used my spare time to read "Gifts." It tells through short stories that everyone can give themselves a precious "gift" that helps us live and work happier and more productively. The author believes that the gift is to learn to "make good use of the present, learn from the past, and create the future." Taking advantage of the present is doing everything to focus on what is most important at this moment. Then we must learn from the experience of past failures and always remind ourselves not to repeat the same mistakes because failure is an effective way for us to learn from experience. Finally, set a clear future goal, think about what actions to take to achieve the plan, and then start careful planning and implement it step by step. I used to feel lost. I still remember that I had just left my hometown and came to Taiwan to study at a university. I was very excited and full of expectations. But when I started a new life, I felt lonely because I was used to being taken care of by my family, and I became very depressed, which affected my academic performance, and even thought about dropping out of school and returning to my hometown. Later, after calm thinking, I thought that the original intention of coming to Taiwan was to learn to be independent and successful. So I tried my best to adjust my mood and let myself out of the negative emotions. I focused on experiencing life and studying with my heart instead of thinking about the past and worrying about the future. When I changed my mindset and looked at things from a different perspective, my life became happier and more fulfilling. It's amazing! After reading this book, I hope you will also get some valuable inspiration in your work or life.

─ Author: Ms. Shi-Min, Chen


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