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Everwide newsletter No.379

Experiment § UV glue with waterproof function

With the development trend of electronic components becoming more and more miniaturized, the joint, waterproof Type-C adapter has also been miniaturized (Figure 1). Originally, liquid silicone injection or natural sealing with rubber rings was used to bond metal and plastic. However, with the miniaturization of parts, the adhesion area is getting smaller, and manual gluing control is becoming more complex. It is replaced by automatic glue spraying, and then UV glue's rapid curing advantages to meet the needs. The requirements of this application are good adhesion between metal and plastic, no-sag when thixotropic, high-temperature resistance of 260 °C, no fading, etc. When the thixotropy is insufficient, the resin will be crushed by its weight after lamination. Repeated adhesive application on the resin did not collapse after changing the formulation (Figures 2, 3). The cured product has excellent resilience and elongation (Figure 4), which can meet customer requirements.

─Author: Ms. Ya-Ting, Lin


Activity § Inventory work, process optimization

In the early stage of introducing intelligent logistics, although personnel needs to adapt to operating habits from the past, the reliability of personnel maintenance information has gradually improved. Inventory is a vital link to confirm the consistency of materials and accounts (Figure 1). In previous years, the inventory operation could only be recorded on paper, which required a lot of human resources to do the follow-up actuarial and data import. Still, there would be hidden concerns that the information would not be real-time. This year, using a PDA to enter information directly into the system will allow for more real-time inventory counts. In addition, scanning the QR Code to confirm the inventory can reduce the operation mistakes when writing by hand (Figure 2-5). In the future, we will continue to reduce the operation time of initial inventory and restocking. In addition to shortening the working hours of personnel, it can also improve the overall efficiency!


Knowledge § What is Oxetane?

The epoxy group is a three-membered ring, and the English name is Oxirane. Oxetane is a four-membered ring, and 1,3-epoxypropane also refers to this substance. Oxetane, like epoxy, can undergo a cationic photocuring reaction. In the initial stage of the photocuring reaction, the three-membered ring is relatively fast, and the subsequent growth reaction of the four-membered crew is relatively fast. The combination of the two can improve the overall reaction speed. Since the two have the same reaction mechanism, they can be copolymerized with alcohols, live polymerization after exposure, and have the same characteristics as the reaction is terminated by moisture and inhibited by alkaline substances. However, Oxetane is much more expensive than general Oxirane, the choice of structure is relatively small, and the application still needs time to develop.


Living § Walk in the dreamland, romantic garden.

I was born in Yunlin, which is my hometown. Whether studying or working, I am in the city of Douliu. My classmates or friends often ask me if she comes to Yunlin during the holidays, what would be the fun? I would recommend Rosa Rose Villas to you. The villa has an enormous indoor greenhouse garden, an outdoor rose garden, a plant maze, and an indoor display of goods next to it. Parking and visiting are free here, and the outdoor space is also huge, which is suitable for children to run freely. Many tour bus companies will also list this place as a necessary itinerary for a day trip to Yunlin. There are more than 1,600 different varieties of roses planted in the manor. You will feel full of expectations whenever you see the flowers blooming, and the flowers will heal your soul! There are lush greenery and beautiful landscaping, the most attractive of which is the Double Heart Garden. The outdoor scenery and the white carriage should be accompanied by a giant heart of roses, which feels full of romance. In addition, there are decorations such as small windmills, which make people feel full of European style, which is very suitable as a rest point during the journey. We can sit and rest here or take pictures. In a busy life, if you are tired, you might as well stop to admire the beautiful scenery around you and show your body and mind, which may bring you a new vitality.

─Author: Mr. Wen-Zheng, Zeng


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